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Police raided the home of an 83 cancer patient treated with medical cannabis

Two weeks after the court ordered her to return the dose of cannabis cut by the Ministry of Health, police raided her house and took her son for questioning at the end of which he was released unconditionally. The juxtaposition of the events raises questions.

Last week, a police force raided the house That', An 83 girl with cancer and treated with medical cannabis, and delayed the investigation of her 53 son who was eating her due to her illness.

The search was carried out in close proximity to a case being held in the court, in which S., represented by an attorney, petitioned Miriam Brainin, Against the Health Ministry, which ordered its cannabis dose cut without explanation.

Miriam Brainin
Attorney Miriam Brainin

The story of S., a severed chest that uses cannabis to produce oil for the treatment of pain and severe scars in the chest, was first exposed in Cannabis Magazine after Which won About three weeks ago in a court order of the same type as the judge ordered Ram Winograd The Ministry of Health must refund the full amount.

Less than two weeks after the order was issued, on the morning of New Year's Eve (1.1.19), a number of police officers raided her house and detained her son on suspicion of alleged drug offenses.

During the interrogation, the police charged Ben with suspicion that he was selling part of his mother's cannabis, but since the matter was denied and apparently no evidence was found, he was immediately released unconditionally.

The juxtaposition of the judge's decision to return the full amount of cannabis to Shas, contrary to the Health Ministry's decision, and the police raid on her home raises questions about the nature of the search and the source of the decision to implement it. So far no explanation has been given by the police.

The police have not yet clarified the exact suspicion of the raid and why the son was taken for questioning, whether there is any evidence of an offense, whether the investigation is continuing and why the search warrant does not appear there.

During the search, after examining how the son prepared the cannabis oil for his mother, the police also collected cigarette butts from the ashtray in the house to find evidence of cannabis smoking - even though the old woman holds a license to use medical cannabis.

"The fact that the son was released at the end of the investigation unconditionally reinforces the claim that nothing was wrong with him and certainly not by his 83 mother," said Brainin. The search that was conducted certainly did not add to the patient's health even if it was properly prepared. "

The court case deals with the decision of the Ministry of Health to reduce the dose of medical cannabis given to the elderly by Dr. Johnny Greenfield, Where dozens of his patients petitioned the court for similar cuts in their license. Judge Winograd ordered the Ministry of Health to refund the dose in full.

In the petition that led to the judge's decision, Attorney Brainin noted that S., who was born in 1936, contracted 2006 during breast cancer and had a right breast cut. In 2015 she had to have another mastectomy after the cancer came back and is now diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, skin and lymph nodes and has recently been diagnosed with a tumor.

"Since most of her pain is caused by itching and a burning sensation in her skin, she began to apply external cannabis to the lesions after mixing it with coconut oil," Attorney Brainin explained to Winograd. "The said use brought the immediate petitioner immediate relief, alleviated her pain and enabled her to have a basic quality of life."

The police have not yet responded.

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