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Underground exposed: "Cops are also buying cannabis"

They give free to the sick, are unfamiliar to children, do not make shiming for policemen and do not deal with hard drugs. In an article on Channel 12, the managers of the underground organization reveal the trading activity in Cannabis that they have been running for years throughout Israel.

after Who donated 20 NIS 1,000 In favor of the historic Cannabis High Court campaign, members of the "underground" - Israel's largest regulated trade organization - are also exposed to television.

The underground, active for about 3 years, was first exposed In the article In Cannabis Magazine in 2016 and last Thursday in an article on the "Live at Night" program on 12:

The story tells the story of an Israeli underground leader, one of the underground leaders, about how the organization operates, their principles and the difference between them and the Telegras group.

"Our customers are from young people before recruitment to the old 80 Plus, which is the only thing that helps them," he says. "There are students, families, parents, patients, healthy people, athletes, celebrities and more."

On the differences between them and the rival organization, Israel says that "unlike Telegras, which is an open group, where it can be sold without criticism, we are a supervised group. Beyond that, the main preoccupation of Telegras is hard drugs - amedi, cocaine, heroin. For us it's just drugs. "

In addition, he says that "Telegras is familiar to children, but we know that an envelope will never be given to someone who is not an adult."

According to estimates, the organization is responsible for trading worth hundreds of thousands of shekels a day, but despite the money, the underground insists that this is not a search for money, but mainly an ideology.

"We do not make millions," he says. "We are entering a space that the state leaves in the care of patients. We have a plan that everyone who needs 5 gets free for a week. "

"I showed them that doctors recommend increasing the dose, and because of the great wait I fall between the chairs," she says, in an interview with Rotem (not her real name), a medical patient who receives only 20 cannabis in a licensed month.

In conclusion, Israel reveals that "there are policemen who organize here, they prefer us because in Tellegras they might buy from someone they stopped once."

"We believe that it is our duty as Zionists, Israeli patriots, and free citizens to rise up resolutely against oppression," the letter said.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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