Again the cannabis dose of a cancer patient was cut - the judge corrected the decision

For the second time in two weeks, Judge Ram Winograd returns the dose of cannabis given to a cancer patient after the Health Ministry cut it. Again this is the patient of Dr. Johnny Greenfeld, who continues to be severely criticized by the director of the medical cannabis unit, Yuval Landstedt, who calls him a "junior doctor."

R ', An oncological patient treated with medical cannabis from 5 for years and holding a dose of 140 a day of cannabis, was surprised to receive a unilateral notification of a dose cut to only 90 grams.

Through an attorney Miriam Brainin R. submitted a petition to the Court requesting an interim injunction ordering the Ministry of Health to reinstate the original dosage.

the judge Ram Winograd Accepted the petition and instructed the Ministry's representatives to respond to R. the dosage as determined by the physician treating her, Dr. Johnny Greenfield.

In a hearing held Monday morning at the Jerusalem District Court, attorney Maor Sabag claimed the name of the Ministry of Health Yuval landschaft The director of the Medical Unit for Medical Cannabis, said that they had actually "done a favor" to R. by cutting her dose to 90 and not to zero.

"A decision from 140 to zero is extreme and therefore we reached a high dose average. We went down to 90 to cope with the lower dose even though it was high," argued Sabag.

Sabag also claimed that Dr. Greenfeld acted contrary to the procedure. "It's undermining the procedure," he stated. "There is no justification at all for giving her the dose, not even the 90, it's an egg and a chicken that is somehow directed at us."

In the petition, Adv. Brainin argued that R., the mother of four children suffering from pain, used her doctors' daily instructions for 600 (a painkiller) along with other narcotic drugs Oxycontin, Percost, Tragine and more.

After arriving at Dr. Greenfeld, R. received a medical cannabis license and began slowly raising the monthly dose to 140 a gram per month. At the same time, the consumption of the "lyric" decreased to only 50 mg per day.

"Treatment with medical cannabis did not even cure her pain, but improved her lifestyle and enabled her to function optimally despite coping with her complex health situation," the petition states.

In his discussion, the director of the NCO Landshed explained his opposition to R.'s original dosage by saying that "Dr. Greenfeld is a junior doctor and his seniority stems from the lack of attention of the system and contrary to the legal authority granted to him."

Landau added that "the average for all patients in the country is 33.6 per month. 50 has made it a high dose. 100 is very high. " Attorney Brynin argued that the very presence of Landstedt in the discussion is puzzling and raises questions.

R. pleaded with the judge for pity: "Cannabis makes it easier for me to hurt, I do not have to take all the narcotics, I beg for mercy, stop it. Why should I sit on a day like this in court and not at home, why do I have to leave this cold, I'm tired of all this, please. "

At the conclusion of the hearing, Justice Winograd agreed to the request for an interim injunction and ordered the Ministry of Health to respond to the original dose of 140 within two days for a period of three months, until the end of the hearing on the petition. "It seems that the medical recommendation given by Dr. Greenfeld is consistent with the patient's condition," he stated.

This is the second case in two weeks in which Judge Winograd responds to a cancer patient the dose of cannabis given to her by Dr. Greenfeld and cut by the Ministry of Health. Even in the previous case, See here, The patient was represented by Attorney Brainin.

In both cases, as in many others, they are patients of Dr. Greenfeld of the Ministry of Health Trying for a long time Cut its wings and prevent it from recording the dosages required by its professional understanding. The issue will be raised again Tuesday for a hearing before the court In the petition submitted By attorney Yaniv Peretz in the name of 28 such patients.