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The FDA states: severe restrictions on the sale of CBD

Following the approval of the law that turned Hemp into law in the United States, the FDA makes it clear in a public announcement that it still imposes severe restrictions on the sale of CBD products.

Not long after cannabis Maple (Hemp) Became legal in the US With President Trump's signing on Thursday of the economy law, the FDA is cooling the enthusiasm and making it clear that despite the hopes,CBD Will still have to operate under severe restrictions.

Under the new law cannabis possesses less than 0.3% of THC Is considered to be MAP and therefore legal, regardless of the amount of other cannabinoids in it, including CBD. This has led to headlines, including in major newspapers such as Bloomberg, that CBD is legal.

In light of this, the FDA hastened to clarify inPress Release Because CBD is an active ingredient in a drug approved by the FDA ('Epidiolex), The same restrictions apply to any other active ingredient in the drug:

  • CBD should not be marketed as a dietary supplement.
  • It is forbidden to sell food enriched in CBD.
  • CBD should not be marketed as a medicine or medical treatment for any indication not approved by the FDA (epilepsy only).

"From Hemp Day, it is not prohibited by federal law, and we are aware of the increasing public interest in cannabidiol (CBD)," the FDA writes at the opening of the announcement from the organization's head Scott Gottlieb. "In light of this, in short, all the restrictions that apply to drugs also apply to CBD - no matter whether it is produced from the map or not."

Further to the announcement, the FDA reiterates previous warnings against companies selling the CBD without a proper permit and in quite a few cases with promises to cure a variety of diseases. "This is not only a violation of the law, it can also put patients in danger," it was written.

"In view of the increasing public interest in the matter and the intention of Congress to promote the development of appropriate products, we intend to hold a public hearing for those involved in the field in order to hear their experience and challenges with these products," the director said.

In light of this announcement by the FDA, it seems that many entrepreneurs dream of marketing food products enriched with CBD is not going to come true in the near future.

Some predicted that the CBD would not be legal, partly because the GW drug company received a few months ago a historic FDA approval to market the world's first cannabis drug, which is actually made up of CBD with 99.9 concentration.

It is quite likely that this matter will be brought before the court in the early stage or later, given that there will certainly be those who will produce and market CBD from their legal hampers, one way or the other.

In recent years CBD has become a trend, especially in light of the fact that it is not psychoactive like THC And considered Especially healthy. In many European countries, Headed by Switzerland, There is free trade in the CBD.

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