Judge to the Ministry of Health: Increase the dosage for the patient caught growing Cannabis

The state demanded a prison sentence, but after a plea bargain, the Magistrate's Court in Kiryat Gat sentenced 6 to a monthly penalty of 107. "The Ministry of Health should help increase the dosage for the patient," she stated.

third'64, from Moshav Nahalat, near Kiryat Gat, was arrested last year after a police raid on his home caught 118 cannabis plants that he had raised without a permit in two rooms in a house he owned.

Judge Noga Shmueli-Mayer (Photo: Flash 90)
Judge Noga Shmueli-Mayer (Photo: Flash 90)

This morning, a judge at the Peace Court in Kiryat Gat ruled Noga Shmueli-Mayer, Penalty 6 monthly service works and a fine of high money for 107 thousand shekels (in 20 payments) - but without imprisonment.

The relatively lenient decision was made on the basis of a plea bargain signed between the parties, as well as the fact that the defendant is being treated with medical cannabis under the license of the Ministry of Health.

In addition to the decision, the judge ruled that she would send a copy to the management of the Medical Center's Unit (the Medical Unit for Medical Cannabis), in order to increase the dose of G. who does not provide it.

Among other things, the attorneys of G., Adv. Yaniv Peretz, and attorney Eitan Kabrian argued that this is a person suffering from trauma due to his participation in the Yom Kippur War.

C, who holds a medical Cannabis license for 50 a month, 3 has already been refused a number of dose-raising requests submitted to the Ministry of Health. According to his defense lawyers, this is why he chose to grow cannabis himself.

They also claimed that the weight of the plants captured (14 kg) actually represents only one kilogram of cannabis for consumption, if you exclude the stem, roots and other parts of the plant.

"Respondent smokes 200 caused cannabis a month," explained attorney Peretz to the judge. "After deducting the weight of roots and stems and drying the material will be left as one kilogram, enough for 5 months of use."

"I am aware of the offense that I have committed and I want to explain to the court that I am not a criminal and I did not seek to do anything criminal," testified the judge. "I have suffered very hard since the Yom Kippur War, I reached a state of helplessness, I had no more money and I made a mistaken decision, misjudgment from crazy distress, and tried to create the drug in such a way that I would not need it anymore."

In the judgment, Justice Shmueli-Mayer ruled that "in the framework of the arrangement it was agreed that the parties would jointly grant 6 penalties for monthly service work, conditional imprisonment, conditional disqualification and forfeiture of funds. Taking into consideration the confession of the defendant, which entails accepting responsibility and saving judicial time; And without ignoring the defendant's criminal past, I deem it appropriate to respect the arrangement. "

The judge also emphasized that the Ministry of Health should increase the dose of medical cannabis. "I am forwarding a copy of the protocol to Dr. Michael Dor, the chief medical advisor to the Chief Medical Officer, in order to do everything in his power to assist the defendant in increasing the dosage of medical cannabis," she wrote. "50 a month is not enough for the defendant to overcome his physical and mental ailments."

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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