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Officially: Hemp is legal in the United States

History: After a few hundred years, the law banning the growth and marketing of Hemp, cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC and used for industry, was canceled a few minutes ago. President Trump signed the "Economy Law" which defines the plant as an agricultural product in every respect and permits farmers to grow it in a regulated manner. And what about CBD?

President of the United States Donald Trump Signed a few minutes ago the "Economy Law", which includes for the first time alongside reforms in the field of agriculture also the removal of industrial cannabis (Maple) From the list of dangerous drugs.

From now on, after a hundred years of prohibition, Maple Returns to be an agricultural product in every way by law. According to the definition, the MF is actually cannabis with less than 0.3% of the plant's psychoactive componentTHC).

The new law transfers the supervision authority to the Ministry of Justice from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Agriculture, which in turn will allow the cultivation and marketing of the produce subject to relatively simple approvals and without the need to treat the substance as a regulated drug.

In doing so, the federal government is repairing a historic injustice and restoring its former glory by making cannabis the most important plant in the industry ("A billion dollar crop"), Which was used for the production of paper, textile, ropes, food, construction, medicine and more, to one of the most forbidden substances in the world.

So far, the US has banned the production of HMP products, but only to market imported products, such as oil or HMP seed. It now joins 25 countries in the world, which have allowed it to manufacture mainly food products, cosmetics, and textiles.

In Israel, HEPP is still considered a dangerous drug and can not be used, except for the import of oil that is produced from the seeds and is not contained Cannabinoids, And recently also for construction purposes (see: Houses from cannabis in Israel).

A pilot that is currently being run by the Ministry of Agriculture and its framework Were sown The pilot fields in the north, center and south of the country are unable to produce results due to errors in the growth process, according to information provided to the magazine.

Another important meaning of the new law in the United States is that from now on the non-psychoactive molecule in cannabis, CBD, To a legal product in the US - according to commentators, as long as it is produced only from supervised plants that meet the standards set forth in the Economic Law.

At the same time, there is a federal law that, like the Israeli one, determines that every component of cannabis is a dangerous and forbidden drug. It is therefore possible that the question of the legality of CBD will eventually reach the court that will have to rule.

Some also argue that the fact that only recently Confirmed The FDA's first cannabis drug, one containing 99.9% CBD, will lead to pressure from the pharmaceutical company, with lobbying that will prevent the ingredient from being sold freely.
If CBD is actually legal in the United States, albeit more narrowly and only with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture, the move is likely to affect the entire world and will create a market value of 20 billion by 2022, according to a study by the Brightfield Institute.

In Israel the question of the legality of the CBD has recently reached the District Court in the hearing In the petition Submitted by medical cannabis patients who imported CBD products from abroad. The judge was persuaded by the Health Ministry's arguments and rejected the petition. A petition to the Supreme Court may soon be filed.

updating: Shortly after publication Informed the FDA, The US Food and Drug Administration, said that CBD would remain illegal even if produced from the HEMP plant. "All elements of cannabis are illegal regardless of the source from which they were created," it said.

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