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CBD candies in the list of food products requested on Google for 2018

Proof of the popularity of the non-psychoactive component of cannabis can be found in the list of most requested expressions on Google for 2018. Third place: 'CBD candy', right after 'unicorn cake' and 'casket'. In Israel, the presence of the phrase 'cannabis' on Google continues to climb.

'CBD candyRanked third in the list of the most popular expressions in the US in the food industry according to the world's most popular search engine.

This figure was revealed earlier this month Summary of Google's algorithm findings For 2018, which features a variety of other categories such as guides, movies, politicians, and more.

CBD candy in Google

The first place in the US food category was Unicorn Cake, which became an Instagram hit this year. In second place came the word romaine lettuce, due to the outbreak of a bacterium that led to a warning from the authorities against the consumption of lettuce in the United States and Canada.

In Israel, in the year 2018 came the expression 'CBD' to an all-time high, with a sharp jump in the number of searches on Google, in part because of the court's deliberations on the legality of the molecule in IsraelDetails are updated here).

CBD searches on Google
CBD Search in Google Israel

This location, to which the expression 'CBD candy' came, attests to the rising popularity of the molecule from cannabis, which is considered to be a creation and does not cause psychoactive effects such as the THC molecule.

In 2018 became the CBD market One of the promising In the field of cannabis around the world, mainly in the United States and Europe, in light of the findings of studies that demonstrated the efficacy of this component in treating a variety of health problems and without side effects.

In Israel, the expression "cannabis" continues to climb in 2018 as it has done every year since the establishment of Cannabis Magazine in 2011:

Cannabis searches on Google Israel
Cannabis searches on Google Israel

The list of the top phrases related to cannabis identified by Google's algorithm in 2018 in Israel is Cannabis Medical, Cannabis Magazine, Cannabis Grow, and Cannabis Oil:

Cannabis phrases lead Google
Cannabis phrases lead Google

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Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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