A judge approved a cancer patient using 83 250 in cannabis a month

The Ministry of Health cut the cannabis dose of S. more than 60%, partly because it used cannabis to apply to the chest after the removal of both breasts. A district court judge ordered the ministry to restore the original dose immediately. "Patients are not paper and ink, and not stalinists," says the lawyer.

That', An 83 medical cannabis patient whose cannabis license was cut by 60 by the Ministry of Health, received its original dose back following the decision of the District Court of Jerusalem Ram Winograd.

In a hearing held Wednesday morning in a petition submitted on behalf of S. by an attorney Miriam Brainin, Judge Winograd stated that "in view of the manner in which the therapeutic decisions were made in the matter of the Petitioner and her very difficult situation," the full dose, 250, will be returned to Cannabis a month, tomorrow and for three months, until the end of the hearing on the petition.

Justice Ram Winograd
Judge Ram Winograd (Photo courtesy Court website)

The petition in S.'s case was filed after last month (11.11), the Ministry of Health informed her that the dosage of her cannabis would be cut, as did many other cancer patients who held doses of over 100 grams, without knowing why and without being examined by the decision makers - the directors of the Medical Cannabis Unit .

The cutoff came against the background of the collective decision of the Ministry of Health to reduce all licenses in dosages of 100-250 grams of cannabis per month to a maximum of 90 grams at most.

In the article Which was aired At the beginning of the month, Dr. Kahane protested Michael Dor, Who is in charge of the cannabis issue in Israel, claims that S. takes care of herself by applying cannabis oil to the body, not as it requires, by swallowing or smoking.

"You can not use that much," he explained. "Those who smoke 200 a month are stoned 24 hours a day, some do strange things, take this stuff and apply it all over the body as a treatment."

Michael Dor
Dr. Michael Dor (Picture: Facebook)

The petition states that S., who was born in 1936, contracted 2006 during breast cancer and underwent a right mastectomy. In 2015 she had to have another mastectomy after the cancer came back and is now diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, skin and lymph nodes and has recently been diagnosed with a tumor.

"Since most of her pain is caused by itching and a burning sensation in her skin, she began to apply external cannabis to the lesions after mixing it with coconut oil," explained Ms. Brainin. "The said use brought the immediate petitioner immediate relief, alleviated her pain and enabled her to have a basic quality of life."

Following the use of cannabis in the application, her attending physician, Dr Johnny Greenfield, The dose from 60 g to 250 g. "On the previous visit she had an active disease, but there has been a regression of the disease under treatment," the doctor wrote in a summary of her visit.

But when S. came to Dr. Greenfeld to renew her license at the end of the validity period, she was informed that the Ministry of Health had forbidden him to prescribe high doses of cannabis for cancer patients, as we first exposed Here in Cannabis Magazine.

At a hearing held at the beginning of the week (16.12) in the court asked representatives of the state, attorney Hila Cohen Lilienthal And attorney Maor Sabag, To be held behind closed doors. When the judge refused, they claimed that the doctor had exceeded his authority,The Green Book(Cannabis Clinical Practice Manual of the Ministry of Health) allowed a limit of up to 60 grams of cannabis per month.

Johnny Greenfield
Dr. Johnny Greenfeld, the attending physician (picture courtesy of the Herbalists Association)

"There is concern that this dose (250 III) may cause damage to it and not benefit it," attorney Lilienthal said. "It is important to emphasize that the original request did not raise the issue of smearing and no medical recommendation was given for the use of smearing, there are clear criteria, the dosage of 40 grams is very high." At the end of the hearing, the judge asked Dr. Greenfeld to receive an explanation of why and whether he recommends treatment with high dose 250.

Following the receipt of the details from Dr. Grinfeld, attorney Lilienthal stated that "the letter is not medically convincing," following an examination conducted by the director of the YKR Yuval Landesft, A pharmacist by profession, who says she specializes in dermatology.

Miriam Brainin
Attorney Miriam Brainin, represents S. (picture: myself)

However, at the end of the hearing, Justice Winograd accepted the arguments of Attorney Brainin, the representative of S., and ruled that the Ministry of Health must reimburse her for the dosage of 250 a month. The hearing on the petition is expected to continue during the year 2019.

"Know that in the state of proper administration, decisions should be made individually," says Attorney Brainin in response to the court's decision. "You deserve to be seen by who you are, not paper and ink, and not stalagmites."

Recall recently Petitioned 28 treated Dr. Greenfeld to court demanding that he order the Ministry of Health to allow him to return to treat them. The petition will be discussed in the coming weeks.

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