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"It is our duty": A mysterious emissary donated NIS 1,000 to the historic cannabis court

A dignified donation in favor of a campaign in the historic cannabis sector arrived on Saturday evening in a mysterious envelope. Along with 20 credit cards, a letter with a background to a donation from the underground organization, the Free Trade Administration of Cannabis in Israel, also appeared.

At the end of the week, an envelope containing 20 (Pre-Paid) credit cards arrived at the home of attorney Dekel Ozer, writing the historic petition to annul the incrimination of cannabis consumers in Israel.

When the envelope was opened, it turned out that the donor was the underground organization, which manages the trade in cannabis, which raised the amount of donations from customers and managers.

Underground contribution

Inside the envelope, along with the tickets containing 20 thousand shekels, was also an official letter from the organization detailing the background of the donation.

"I stand at the head of the underground, the largest, oldest and leading organization in the country to distribute cannabis," it said. "On my behalf and on behalf of the team and on behalf of 10,000 members of the Service, I attach to this letter our joint contribution in the amount of 20,000 NIS."

"The cannabis community in Israel is an oppressed minority whose individual rights are robbed and oppressed by violence, tyranny and resistance," they wrote.

Underground contribution

"There are tens of thousands suffering with agony that only cannabis cures and a few incompetent ignorant and ignorant state officials who dared to boldly take the power to determine what is right and what is good for them to do," they added.

"We believe that it is our duty as Zionists, Israeli patriots and free citizens to rise up resolutely against oppression," they wrote. "After all, even during the period of the Nazis and the British, it was forbidden to bring Jews from Europe, and this did not prevent the underground from doing so, even in the face of a death sentence. Today they are considered heroes. "

The letter also included a link to join the organization (Here), Where it is possible to contribute anonymously.

This is not the first time that the underground organization has been involved in promoting legalization. Last month, the organization announced that every customer who contributes to the High Court of Justice's campaign will receive free cannabis from them.Details here).

This contribution increased the rate of fundraising to 63% and close to a quarter of a million NISSee here). 16 has another day to end the campaign, if the required amount is raised, the petition will be submitted to the High Court of Justice.

The letter in full:

Underground contribution

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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