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On the road to legalization in Israel: The High Court of Justice launched the historic cannabis

Green Leaf launched the financing campaign this morning to submit a petition demanding that the Supreme Court cancel the incrimination of cannabis consumers in Israel and instruct the government to regulate the market by law (legalization).

As promised during the discussions on the bill "Non-Incrimination of Responsibility", the Green Leaf party launched a campaign to raise funds for a petition to be filed with the High Court of Justice to repeal the laws of incrimination of cannabis consumers in Israel.

In the campaign, which appeared on the websiteHere), The party seeks to raise NIS 1,000 to be collected when it is completed into a trust account of the recruitment site and will be used to finance the costs of legal representation and the campaign.

This is in fact the most likely to lead to the legalization of cannabis in Israel, and at least to a real non-incrimination - in contrast to the non-incrimination model Recently approved In a new law that will come into force on 1 in April 2019.

As of today 9 countries in the world Were awarded a real non-incrimination by Cannabis following the Supreme Court's decision after similar petitions. The latter, South Africa, She did it Last month.

On the campaign page, the party's representatives explain that this is a historic opportunity, since the drug ordinance has not yet been challenged because Israel's Basic Laws state that only laws enacted after 1992 can be attacked.

Since the ordinance of drugs is from the days of the British Mandate, it was "protected" from a petition to the High Court of Justice. But now, following the change in the law that came after the "Ardan, Time" campaign,

"Over a quarter of Israel's adult citizens are defined as criminals who are sentenced to 3 years in jail," it says. "Hundreds of thousands of victims of an outdated policy that must be removed from the world continue to be persecuted, detained for interrogation every year, sent to hard labor, convicted and stained with a criminal record that destroys their future and causes damage to society. And all because of the consumption of grass. "

The campaign was posted on Giveback, a site of the "Destart" site and intended for social campaigns that do not include gifts. However, the party offers symbolic gifts such as shirts, stickers, trophies, medals and trophies.

"We are already receiving very high quality opinions that will close every sentence of a possible counter-claim. The high amount is requested in view of the enormous dimensions of the request and the historic court, and therefore there is no room to spare proof, evidence and opinion. "

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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