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Elon Musk Smokes a Joint (Live)

After denying that his offer to sell shares of Tesla in 420 Dollar was related to any support for cannabis or legalization, billionaire Eilon Musk, who was in a live conversation with Joe Rogan, smoked a while ago. At the same time it seems he did not really take to the lungs.

A short while ago, in conversation with the host and comedian Joe Rogan, billionaire inventor Elon Musk smoked a live broadcast.

"Is it a joint or a cigar?" He asked as he lit the joint. "It's legal, yes?" He wondered.

"It's perfectly legal, but you probably can not because of all the stockholders, do you?" Asked Rogan, offering him a whiff;


Minutes later, he began to receive messages on the phone asking about the action. "They sent me a message now, 'What the hell are you doing, smoking cannabis on air,'" he told Vergen.

When asked whether he smokes cannabis, Musk replied in the negative: "I do not smoke regularly, I almost never smoked."

Like many people who say they did not feel the effects of cannabis the first time they smoked, Musk claimed in the conversation that he "does not feel anything."

"I know that a lot of people like cannabis, but for me it does not encourage creativity," he replied to Rogen's question whether cannabis intake was not the same as coffee consumption. "I like doing things and being efficient, and I think cannabis does the opposite of a cup of coffee," he said.

Whether the cannabis effect smoked or not, a few minutes after the JDC's aspiration, Rogen and Musk came to discuss the importance of spreading love in the world. "Maybe you'll come up with a machine that will spread love?" Rogen wondered, and the two laughed (The full program is here).

It is noteworthy that according to the video, Masc did not really seem to have inhaled the smoke of cannabis into the lungs, but only to the mouth, which led to funny comments on the Internet. For example, "McCain made Clinton," in the context of former president Bill Clinton's statement that he smoked marijuana but did not take the lungs.

The Haaretz newspaper reported that the Tesla share fell in the wake of the story, but the fact is that the decline in shares is related to the announcement by the company's human resources manager this morning of his resignation from the job.

Last month, Musk made headlines when he published in his Twitter account that he was considering privatizing his public company, Tesla, and selling shares for 420 per share.

Since 420 is a code number Identified With cannabis culture, investors all over the world wondered whether it was a statement of support for legalization, or perhaps Musk was under Cannabis influence when he published the tweet.

A week later, In an interview The New York Times was asked whether the chirp was indeed related to cannabis and denied. He said he just calculated the value of 419 dollars and decided to round it up to 420.

"It seemed to me like a good karma to set $ 420 and not $ 419," he explained. "But I really was not 'on Cannabis' to be clear. Cannabis does not help creativity and there is a reason why we call the effect Stoned. You just sit like a stone when you're under the influence of cannabis. "

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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