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Entourage effect: CBD oil is more effective than pure CBD oil

Oil extracted from high-yielding cannabis species CBD Which also contains all other cannabinoids and ingredients from the plant, is more effective in treating epilepsy than oil containing the CBD molecule alone, such as the one recently approved by the FDA, according to a new study from Brazil.

Last month, cannabis was first approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The drug,Epidiolax, Contains pure 99% CBD and is designed to treat severe types of epilepsy.

Yet New research Shows that the CBD oil contains all other cannabinoids from cannabis (not including THC ) Is even more effective in treating epilepsy.

Such oil, known as the Full Spectrum, brings with it the so-called "Effect of entourage"(Entourage Effect) - that is the effect of all components of the plant - dozens Cannabinoids And hundreds Terrapens וFlavonoids - together.

The findings were discovered by researchers from Brazil who studied studies between 2013 and 2017 on the effects of CBD on patients with epilepsy. The results were published in the Frontier Journal of Neurology.

Of the studies we examined, some of which we published Here, Shows that CBD is able to reduce the number of epileptic seizures, including among those who have tried conventional medical treatment failed.

According to the results, about two-thirds of the patients in the studies received a reduction in the number of relapses. In 6 of 11, more than 80% of patients reported improvement in their condition.

According to the 71 studies, a proportion of the patients treated with the CBD-Poole extracts reported improvement in their condition, compared to only 36 in those treated with pure CBD alone.

It was also found that in patients treated with pure CBD, patients with complete CBD extract needed smaller doses and negative side effects were less.

These findings further reinforce the theory of "entourage effect" coined by Prof. Raphael Meshulam, that it is of utmost importance to consume all components of cannabis together as created by the plant itself.

These findings also contradict the theory developed by Yuval Landstein for the Ministry of Health in the framework of the medicalization reform, in which all cannabis species were classified according to the THC and CBD molecules and without regard to the different nature of the strains and the effect of the entourage effect.

"Full CBD extracts presented a better therapeutic profile than pure CBD," the authors write. "The roots of the difference are probably a synergy between CBD and the other components, but this should be confirmed in controlled clinical trials."

These results correspond to the results of Previous research On the subject, held at the Hadassah Medical School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The study, conducted by Prof. Ruth Galili, examined what is more effective for the treatment of pure CBD infection or the Avidacal type of Tikkun Olam, which is rich in CBD. The study found that Avidecal extract had a higher efficacy for inflammation than pure CBD. "It is reasonable to assume that other components of the ABIDCAL extract in addition to CBD achieve the desired anti-inflammatory action," the study says.

The drug 'epidiolx', which contains pure CBD without the entourage effect, will be sold by the manufacturer GW for 32 a thousand dollars a year, so Of the company's announcement recently.

Please note that In another study Conducted in Australia and published last month found that the CBD extract containing THC was also more effective than a non-THC extract.

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