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New from Heineken: Cannabis Beer

The international beer giant Heineken unites two members of the Canaese family - hops and cannabis - and presents a new capital of cannabis enriched with THC and CBD. The beer does not contain alcohol at all and is actually produced by Legionitas, a subsidiary of Heineken.

Starting last week (30 in July) Californians can buy a new Cannabis beer,Hi Fi hops"(Hi-Fi Hops), from the international beer giant Heineken.

The new beer, which does not contain alcohol, is offered In two versions: One "normal" containing 10 mg of THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, and the second, more gentle, "light" if desired, containing 5 THC and 5 CBD, the non-staging component.

Beer Cannabis Heineken Lagonitas
The new cannabis beer: "normal" with THN 10 and "LIT" with 5 THC

The beer is marketed by the "Lagunitas(Lagunitas), an independent brewery whose 50 shares were bought by Heineken in 2015, and the THC is from the laboratories of the American cannabis extraction company AbsoluteXtracts.

Like many other beers, Hi-Fi Hops, as it is, is made from Hops, a plant of the Cannabaceae family and the cousin of cannabis.

"We dreamed a lot about family reunions between hops and cousin Cannabis," says Jeremy Marshall, a beer expert. "We wanted to make this celebration a reality in a new drink without alcohol."

"The idea of ​​being part of a new drink that contains cannabis felt like the next perfect step and a natural way to connect the past with the future," said Maria Stipe, CEO of Lagunitas.

Hops as a drinker
Hops, a cousin of the cannabis

Heineken overtook the giant alcohol conglomerate Constellation Brands, the manufacturer of the Corona beer, Since 2016 On a similar development of marijuana beer.

In October last year, Constellation Brands acquired 9.9% of Canada's Canopy, but now it seems that Heineken has made the first significant move.

This move by the major beer companies is apparently due, inter alia, to conclusions Report Of the Cowen & Co. research firm, which found that countries that approved full legalization of Cannabis saw a drop in capital sales in their territory.

Video of the new capital:

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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