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Cops to the student: "Give 4 traders - or we will leave the parents"

Four police detectives jumped on a Thursday night to a private home garden in a community settlement in the south of the country, woke up the old occupants of the house and searched it, leaving behind messy rooms. Nothing was found in the search. The white man, an 20 student with no criminal background, was offered a deal: Give us the names of merchants and we will not wake up the parents.

A young 20 boy from a settlement in the south of the country - a normal student without any background or criminal connection - sat on the night of Thursday at midnight on the porch of his parents' house and smoked a cigarette when suddenly 4 jumped into the garden looking for Cannabis.

The police searched his clothes, took his phone and wallet, and when they found nothing they decided to offer him a "deal": Give us the names of Cannabis dealers, and in exchange we would not search your old parents' house.

After trying to explain to the police that he had nothing to do with cannabis or any merchants, the police presented a search warrant, knocked loudly on the door of the house, and woke the student's parents.

Room after police search

One of the rooms in the house, after a search by the detectives

The surprised parents were forced to see the police searching the house late, warning them that "your son is smoking dangerous drugs."

When nothing was found in the search, the police left the area as they had come, but a moment earlier they made sure to inform the student that "next time it will end badly."

"I pleaded not to wake my parents"

"On Thursday I returned around 11 and a half a night home and sat in the garden for a cigarette before I went in," he describes. "Suddenly silhouettes emerged from the direction of the gate. I jumped right up and saw 4 policemen in front of me who just made me ambush. They took my phone from my hand without waiting for anything, and also my wallet. They started looking for me in my pockets and asked questions like, 'Where are the drugs ?! Where are you hiding this ?! Give us names of at least 4 merchants and leave you '. "

"I begged them to do what they wanted with me, so they would not go into the house and wake up my parents and brothers who are now sleeping and are not used to this kind of mess, but when I did not have the names of merchants to give, they decided to do the search anyway," he said.

"They knocked on the door tightly until my father got up and was stunned by the play. They went into the house and began to search every hole they could. They entered the room and destroyed me there. They searched for me in all the possessions. They turned all the clothes, passed one by one, and searched for crumbs of greenery. It really looked miserable. They also talked to my parents and told them all kinds of stories about how I smoke dangerous drugs. "

"Next time it will end badly"

"After they did not find anything in the room they moved into the garden and searched for there too and eventually around 2 at night they left not before they warned that next time it would end up more bad," he describes.

"It's important to me to note that I am a university student who lives with the parents in a completely normative family and really not one of problems," he says further. "Every Friday it took me to put the mess back in place. I stayed with the opposite house and my parents were shocked. "

We asked the Israel Police to wonder what the suspicion was based on the search and whether holding cannabis at home for their own use was a pretext for the police to conduct searches in the middle of the night. Why did they suggest a strange "deal" as a condition for the search? Why did they tell the parents that their son was using dangerous drugs without proof? The search took place so late and why they warned that "next time will be worse."

The police refused to answer all the questions, saying only that "this is one of many activities carried out by the police as part of the ongoing battle against drugs. Contrary to the claim, the search was carried out according to a judge's order near 23: 00 and lasted about 50 minutes. Since this is a search warrant issued to an adult - his rights to inform the details of the search have been preserved. "

"We emphasize that there is no change in the enforcement policy of the Israel Police, with most of the activity being directed against dealers, distributors and drug breeders, all in accordance with the provisions of the law. The Israel Police will continue to fight the dangerous drug epidemic for public safety and security and to enforce the law at any time and place. "

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