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Police announce for the first time: "CBD is not a drug - and certainly not dangerous"

In response to Cannabis Magazine's inquiry this morning, the police officially announce that for its part CBD is not considered a dangerous drug under the Drugs Ordinance. "You can order CBD if it's clean without THC," states a criminal attorney.

For the first time, the Israel Police announces that the non-psychoactive component of cannabis (cannabidiol) is not considered a dangerous drug in the drug order.

"CBD is a substance found in the cannabis plant and is not defined as a drug and certainly not as a dangerous drug under the Drugs Ordinance," Cannavis told the police on Monday.

According to the police, in contrast to the cannabis plant "which itself is defined by the drug order and therefore by law, it is forbidden to hold, grow and trade in it."

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"CBD is not a drug in the drug order" - the official police reply as given to Cannabis magazine

Indeed, in the drug order, the psychoactive substance THC appears in its name as a dangerous drug and is not allowed, as opposed to the CBD that does not appear in its name.

This determination contradicts the interpretation of the legal department of the Ministry of Health, which states that CBD, since it is "part of the cannabis plant," is also considered a dangerous drug and is prohibited by the Ordinance.

Recall recently The police replied CBD capsules that were ordered by an Israeli citizen and confiscated by police officers, stating that "after examination there is no reason to prevent the return of CBD pills to the applicant."

In response to our request today, the police again emphasize that "the CBD pellets have been returned to the subject of your application, since as we have noted, it is not defined as a drug."

In fact according to the interpretation of the attorney Yaniv Peretz, The criminal expert, since CBD does not appear on the Drugs Ordinance in its name, it is indeed permissible - despite the definition that "every part of the cannabis plant is illegal."

"There is no criminal offense in possession of CBD material and as long as the drug ordinance remains lacking and the legislator is not working to update it on the specific retention of CBD material, no criminal charges can be made for the possession of this substance," he told the magazine.

"You can order CBD if it's clean without THC like the capsules ordered," he concluded.

This means that it is now possible to order CBD products, oils, capsules, creams, etc. - as long as they do not contain THC.

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