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The pediatrician who was suspended for Litzman: "Cannabis does not kill"

The doctor who treated 250 children with autism and was disqualified from recommending medical cannabis following an article on the channel here sent a letter to the Health Ministry explaining the policy. Dozens of parents expressed support for the doctor. The Ministry of Health did not respond to the request.

Dr Aliza Ring, A physician who used to recommend cannabis oil treatment CBD For children with autism and epilepsy, Disqualified Recently by the Ministry of Health to submit recommendations for medical cannabis.

The reason for her removal, according to the Ministry of Health, is that Dr. Ring used to provide recommendations for medical cannabis for children with severe seizures, without inviting the child to the clinic, only on the basis of a medical file, conversation with parents, video and pictures.

Aliza Ring
"Cannabis does not kill" - Dr. Aliza Ring

In her defense, Dr. Ring claimed that she did so in order to save parents from the great hassle of dealing with the transportation of such a child and the extreme waste of time, which is not helpful to her position.

Despite the fact that it is With a recommendation Only Dr. Ring provided, and not the actual issue of the license - which was carried out by the Ministry of Health and at its sole discretion - the Ministry decided to stop its activities in this field, similar to what was done To other doctors recently.

Following the disqualification from 250, autistic children and their families were left with no license renewal, and dozens of others were unable to undergo treatment.

Rubber Stamp?

The trigger for the affair was story Which was broadcast at the public broadcasting corporation "Here", in which another doctor, Tali Sagi, Strongly criticized Dr. Ring's considerations, and even claimed that cannabis oil could kill.

After the allegations in the article, Dr. Ring was summoned to a hearing at 30.5, where she claimed that she was a "rubber stamp". She was reprimanded and sent to her home as a directive that would stop sending recommendations to medical cannabis to the Ministry of Health.

The news has generated many echoes, and since then Dr. Ring has received many calls from parents who support her for her work.

This week, with a tailwind from hundreds of parents whose quality of life and their children's lives improved following the oil treatment, Dr. Ring submitted an official letter to the Ministry of Health and the Medical Cannabis Unit, with a copy to Deputy Minister Yaakov Litzman.

"Children in a difficult situation"

Dr. Ring explained that her recommendations for treatment were for children with autism, severe retardation, Tourette's syndrome or other rare serious genetic syndromes, according to neurological documents collected over the years from child development institutes, neurologists, psychiatrists, pediatrics and educational institutions , Schools, or hostels if they are adults).

"I do not determine the diagnoses," she wrote. "I sit with my parents for an hour and hear from them in detail about the child, his behavior and the daily hardships of being parents of such difficult children and watching videos that my parents bring at my request. 'Good and bad.' "

As for her policy of relinquishing the child's lead to the clinic, Dr. Ring says, "At the beginning I would invite the children to me. It was a nightmare. The children were anxious and wild. I had to ask one of the parents, after 5 minutes, to take them to sit with the other parent and hear about the child. Both parents had to take a day off from work. These are parents who, by virtue of being parents of these children, lose working days as well. At the same time, with the learning process, I stopped physically inviting the children and decided to rely on the documents, the parents' description, and the video clips. "

"No Medical Curcette - Yes Hyanaly Curcette"

Regarding another claim made by the Ministry of Health and by Prof. Tali Sagi in the article here that Dr. Ring is not routinely monitoring the children being treated, she explained that there is continuous follow-up, contact with the parents, and a similar attitude to any other treatment , And that in this case, too, they are considering the parents so that they will not pay a fortune for a private meeting.

"Every parent receives my private cell phone number and is invited to call at any moment or leave a message... And I always always come back (which is not always the case in our district)," she said. "It's hard for parents to pay privately, so I take them into account, spend hours on the phone talking to their parents without taking any payment. Maybe it's not 'medical correct', but for me it's 'Humanly Correct.' "

Dr. Ring also claims that the Ministry of Health treats her meticulously, even though a procedure similar to that practiced by her is accepted by public clinics in all the rabbis of the state. "Unfortunately, even in public clinics there are no appointments for meetings and follow-ups, there, too, there is not always follow-up, and there is nothing to talk about about getting back to patients on the phone - the situation is known and courageous to talk about, that's the reality!"

"Cannabis does not kill"

Regarding Dr. Tali Sagi's claim that a child might die from the use of cannabis oil, Dr. Ring replied that "cannabis can not help (there are also those in the minority), can help a lot (in most cases) and can help partially ... but cannabis does not Kills! There are no children in the world who died of cannabis oil. nobody! Oncological and epileptic children also receive cannabis in large amounts of oil and we have not heard of a child who died of cannabis. "

Another emphasis is on what appears to be hypocrisy by the Ministry of Health, which allows free use of psychiatric drugs for children, which cause Dr. Ring to say proven damage such as obesity, metabolic problems such as increased blood fats, high blood pressure, .

"Some of the children have completely stopped the medication, some have taken the dose and some have stayed with them and cannabis," she wrote. "In the field, cannabis appears to reduce anxiety significantly and reduce the severe unrest. I recommend cannabis oil at initial doses of 20 to 30 g per month in a standard manner. These are low doses. "

Finally, referring to the fact that more than 250 children were left untreated, she wrote that "my heart hurts the children and parents who have no address and no answer, and myself, for my heartaches that do not let go."