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The petition for the destruction of medical cannabis was rejected: Ilan Bio will pay NIS 1,000

195 will pay 8 NIS 1,000 for the compensation of attorneys for the Health Ministry, XNUMX, the medical cannabis companies and the two manufacturing companies, after its petition for the destruction of all medical cannabis in Israel.

Company 'Ilan BioWhich began to engage in the field of medical cannabis in 2015, for agricultural research purposes only, filed last month A petition to the court Demanding the destruction of all medical cannabis in Israel.

The reason for this is a directive that the company has received from the Health Ministry to destroy its medicinal cannabis product, as a result Exposing Cannabis Magazine On the illicit origin of the genetics from which cannabis grew on the farms of society.

Justice Arnon Darel
Justice Arnon Darel (Photo courtesy Court website)

In the petition, Ilan Bio claimed that just as its genetics came from an illegal source and therefore ordered its destruction, so did all the other genetics in Israel of all the tumor companies, which came from an illegal source, and therefore a similar extermination should be ordered.

The Company also claimed that it invested $ 1 million in the development of the products that were destroyed and that the Ministry of Health discriminated against the other companies in the sector.

After the medical cannabis companies and the Ministry of Health filed last week Response to the petition, The judge rejected this morning Arnon Darel Filed the petition and even ordered the petitioner, Ilan Bio, to pay lawyers' fees to the companies that were sued, as well as to the Ministry of Health.

All in all, Judge Darel ordered the defendants to be answered A total of 195,500 NIS, Distributed according to the legal representation: 20,000 NIS for the Ministry of Health, 58,500 for the seven medical cannabis companies to be presented together, NIS 58,500 for the company Beter, which will be presented alone, 29,250 for Cannablis and NISNUMX for the " Panaxia. '

"From the responses [of the defendants], it was ascertained that the Ministry of Health granted the Respondents licenses to grow the cannabis plant or to produce medical cannabis, and that they operate under the same license," the judge wrote in the ruling. "The grant of the licenses during this period was done without examining the genetic origin of the material, as was done with respect to the petitioner requesting a new license, by virtue of the transitional order determined in the government decision."

In addition, the judge confirms for the first time the findings of the debriefing that we published, and states that the director of the Superintendent Yuval Landstaff has indeed authorized the smuggling of cannabis cuttings in the suitcase contrary to the binding provisions and "before the letter of the law." "The Watsap communications that were submitted do not necessarily support this claim by the Health Ministry, but I do not think this should be of great importance for the purpose of the current procedure."

"After I read the arguments and the appendices, I heard the arguments of the parties in the hearing and considered them, I reached the conclusion that the petition should be rejected," he concluded.