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Cannabis Physician Eliminated - 250 Autistic children without treatment

After two Cannabis doctors who had received hearings, reprimands and even dismissal, another doctor joined the list. The Ministry of Health informed Dr. Aliza Ring that her recommendations for medical cannabis will no longer be accepted. About 250 Autistic children remain unanswered.

Dozens of families of children with autism were alerted last night after learning of the hearing yesterday Aliza Ring, A doctor who treated their children with medical cannabis oil.

At the hearing to which Dr. Ring was summoned, she was informed by the directors of the Medical Unit for Medical Cannabis that her recommendations for medical cannabis would not be accepted, and that she was forbidden to continue working in the field.

As a result of the cessation of its activities, 250 remained autistic children without the doctor who provided them with recommendations for the treatment of cannabis oil.

The reason for her summons to the hearing is an article broadcast this week by the public broadcasting corporation Here, in which she presented the mother of an autistic child who was treated by Dr. Ring.

In the article, the mother claims that she received a recommendation for Dr. Ring's medical cannabis for her son, without the doctor meeting him physically, but after she was transferred to the child's medical file alongside a video in which he appears to be under an attack characteristic of children with autism.

Based on the video, the mother's testimony and the child's medical file, the doctor agreed to send a recommendation to treat cannabis for the approval of the Ministry of Health - ostensibly contrary to the procedures.

Dr. Ring explains now that she made do with the videos and the medical records and the parents' committees only, because she wanted to help the parents by saving them from going to a long-distance clinic in Ramat Gan.

However, the article claims that Dr. Ring's life in danger of dying is one of the children she treats, according to another doctor, Tali Sagi, A pediatric neurologist from Tel Aviv.

Despite the fact that the child actually did not have enough treatment at cannabis, Prof. Sagi told the mother, and later in the article that it is strictly forbidden to treat this specific child with cannabis, because of catatonia.

According to Prof. Sagi, the use of cannabis among people with catatonia may lead To death, And therefore if he had used cannabis oil on Dr. Ring's recommendation, his life might have been damaged.

In a letter to Prof. Sagi in an attempt to find a professional mention of death from cannabis in patients with cataracts, the doctor explained only that "I have a patient that cannabis caused him to catatonia."

On the other hand, Prof. Sagi refused to answer the question of how to know for sure that her patient's ketone was caused by cannabis use or on the basis of what determined that cannabis might cause death to those suffering from cataracts.

Prof. Tali Sagi
"Cannabis Can Kill": Prof. Tali Sagi (screenshot: YouTube)

Following the article here, which exposed the recommendation procedure based on parental testimony, a video, and a medical record only - and without meeting the child - Dr. Ring ended her role as a medical cannabis advocate.

"Whether the procedure is wrong or not, the main problem is that 250 families of autistic children treated with cannabis oil remain unanswered," explains one of the mothers whose son was treated with Dr. Ring. "Where can the parents renew their children's licenses now? It is not clear".

The doctor's dismissal joins a week of hearings and denunciations by cannabis physicians, including Dr. Gil Morley Who was dismissed from office Due to "excessive permissiveness", Dr. Johnny Greenfeld Who was reprimanded And his activities were limited, and Dr. Netzer Hiram Which ceased its activities For reasons he refused to reveal but may also be related to the subject.

"We have been informed over and over again of the fact that hundreds of patients, including many children, have been left without any medical supervision and follow-up. The Cannabis Medical Association considers the NII to be solely responsible for any damage caused to the medical treatment and treatment provided to the patients of these physicians and requires that the NII grant immediate administrative extension of at least six months to the Cannabis treatment licenses of each of the patients treated by these physicians. To allow them to find an alternative doctor at a reasonable time. "

No response was received from the Health Ministry.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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