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"Many of the cannabis patients are criminals," the director-general of the Health Ministry said in an interview

"They receive 90 grams a month and distribute it to boys," said Moshe Bar Siman Tov, director general of the Health Ministry, in a belligerent interview with Army Radio. "Many of the patients who promote the use of cannabis are criminals.

Director General of the Ministry of Health, Moshe Bar Siman Tov, Said this morning that many of the cannabis patients are criminals whose sole purpose is to sell the boys the cannabis they receive under license.

"Who are the people who promote the use of cannabis? People who receive 90 and 100 make a month, then distribute them in a secondary way to the boys, "he said in an interview with Rino Tzror on Army Radio.

"A lot of them are criminals and cannabis is a dangerous drug," he added.

Bar-Siman Tov, a former treasury official who is the first director of the Health Ministry in history and is not a doctor, stated that "cannabis does not cure, only relieves pain and suffering" and that "there is no clinical research and nothing to say, it is bordering on charlatanism Damage to a lot of people. "

"You can not tell me that, it's a rude statement, and I deal with this issue well beyond the time you're dealing with and I'm not prepared to accept the contempt and the arrogant arrogance To tell someone, 'You do not understand what you're talking about.' "

Before Bar Siman Tov, Meir Kadosh, the father of the sick daughter in Epilepsy, was on the air Which blew up this week The Health Committee's discussion in the Knesset, after he drank oil in front of those present.

In addition, Oren Leibowitz, who claimed that the director-general of the ministry was unprofessional, said that the committee's managers were condescending to the patients and underestimated medical cannabis treatment.

Bar Siman Tov refused to say whether he thinks the father who claims his daughter was cured by cannabis is lying, adding that "you gave a stage here to a person who provoked a shocking provocation in the Knesset, I do not know what interests lie behind him. He said in the Knesset that we are all criminals and cannabis cures cancer. "

"We have created a map between doses of active ingredients in cannabis and diseases and medical labels," he added. "Today 3 has active ingredients in cannabis that we know to isolate their effect on effects. Every product sold at a pharmacy will be labeled with the active ingredient. "

"We do not prevent the name of the product from appearing on the packaging of the product, but first of all, what is the active ingredient and what is the dosage?" He explained. So we do not prevent it, it's a lie. "

These things are of course contrary to reality, since in the Ministry of Health's official procedure for marketing cannabis products in pharmacies, it does not appear that the name of the variety should be mentioned. Additionally The famous table Which defines the doctors and pharmacists of cannabis products, effectively disqualifies the use of varieties because it contains definitions that no species meet.

Bar Siman Tov's dismissive behavior is nothing new. Just this week it was reported that 3 senior women in the Ministry of Health Filed a formal complaint against him, About disgraceful conduct, in what they called "dictatorship."

As recently recalled, a senior Health Ministry official claimed a similar claim made by medical cannabis patients that they were allegedly siphoning off cannabis to the black market at the end Forced to pay 50 thousand shekels.

Dana Bar-On, the director of the medical cannabis association, who won the same lawsuit, said in response, "It appears that 50 and a public apology have not taught the Health Ministry a lesson, and it continues to spout patients. His baseless remarks, on the contrary, without any responsibility, were sent to my lawyer, to submit a libel suit soon. "

The full program is available on the IDF Radio website Here.