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Legalization in Canada: The bill was approved in the Senate

In a majority of 56 supporters against 30 oppose the Senate approved in Canada the bill to regulate the cannabis market for social use (legalization), opening stores of cannabis throughout the country and allowing the increase in cannabis at home for own use. By September, the law is expected to come into effect.

Canada is closer than ever to becoming the first country in the G7 to approve the opening of a legal cannabis market, including the sale, cultivation and free use of cannabis for 18 boys and girls.

The bill promoted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (C-45 bill) was approved in the Canadian Senate by a majority of 56 supporters against 30 and one abstention.

Prime Minister Trudeau promised before he was elected that if elected he would promote a law regulating the cannabis market, he said, in order to make it harder for young people to access cannabis and to divert the huge amounts of money from the black market to the public.

In this way, Canada becomes the second country in the world to "scribble" the laws of the UN Convention on Narcotic Drugs from 1961 after Uruguay did so in 2013. However, in contrast to Uruguay, where the government runs the industry, a free market will be available in Canada, similar to the US, such as Colorado, Washington and others.

Canada, already the world's largest cannabis power, has approved the use of 2001 in medical cannabis and is also the leader in this field, with cannabis companies, the largest in the world, enjoying a surge in share value due to new sales potential.

Canada is also the first to "leap" over the "non-incrimination" stage and goes directly from a total ban on using cannabis to full liberalization, in view of Prime Minister Trudo's opposition to a non-incrimination that he says leaves the black market with profits and even increases it.

The Senate's approval will now pass the bill back to the House of Representatives, which must finalize the dozens of specific clauses added to the text of the proposal by members of the Senate.

In view of the prime minister's support, the bill is expected to be accepted by the House of Representatives and will be in effect for a period of up to 12 weeks after it is approved.

According to The wording of the bill Canada will be able to grow up to 4 Cannabis seedlings at home and hold up to 30 cannabis in public for its own use, which can be purchased at legal cannabis shops: Cannabis will be legal from the age of 18 and above and the tax on products will be determined by the THC percentage in them. The expected profits from taxation, about 5 billion dollars a year, will be channeled to education budgets.

Once the law is passed, eliminating the ban on 95 years, cannabis will become federal-style as alcohol, but every district in Canada can decide whether or not to open cannabis stores in its territory.

According to estimates, legal cannabis sales will begin in Canada in practice at the end of August or early September this year (2018).

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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