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Government bypass: new bill for the export of industrial cannabis

When no solution is found in the background to allow the export of medical cannabis abroad, a private bill will be presented to the Knesset to allow farmers to produce and export "industrial" cannabis. According to the proposal, a legal CBD market will be established in Israel that will allow the growth, production and export of cannabis abroad without THC.

Despite repeated promises by Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel, the government bill to export medical cannabis abroad Continues to dwell And farmers and entrepreneurs who have already been granted permission to set up farms and cannabis plants fear that the move will not come to fruition.

One reason for the delay is a legal complication that does not allow the application of the Minister of Police, Gilad Erdan, to set a quota of 40 to 50 farms that will be established throughout Israel, where more than 600 officials have already received preliminary approval and are expected to file a petition to the High Court of Justice.

A second reason is the opposition of the government patron, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who opposes any use of cannabis for medical purposes. Recently though A directive came down The editors of his newspaper, Israel Hayom, did not publish news about medical cannabis.

In order to try to bypass the "loop" that does not allow the opening of the branch, Please reload MK Yoav quashed the bill In private Its export of medical cannabis - approved at first reading More in 2017.

At a hearing Last month In the Interior Committee on this bill, government representatives made it clear that this proposal would not be implemented as long as there was an open government proposal whose fate had not yet been determined.

But now comes a solution that could save hundreds of farmers and entrepreneurs, By means of a correction made by MK Kish in the wording of the private proposal, according to which the clause "Exporting Medical Cannabis" will be replaced by "export of industrial cannabis."

According to the new wording, the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance will be changed so that it will override the "CBD, The non-psychoactive component of cannabis, thereby enabling the production and export of cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis.

Instead of insisting on his private bill for the export of medical cannabis, and in order to shorten the process of legislation, MK Kish did not submit a new bill but rather a change in the existing proposal that was approved on first reading.

The meeting will take place tomorrow (Monday) in the Interior Committee, and if the members of the committee agree on the new version, including representatives of the government, Kish will be able to submit the proposal for a quick vote and final approval in the second and third readings in the Knesset plenum.

If such a law is passed, Israeli farmers and entrepreneurs can stop waiting for government approval to export medical cannabis and start growing, producing and exporting Cannabis rich in CBD and less than 0.3% THC.

According to estimates, the CBD market in the world is worth even more today than the medical cannabis market, since it is considered a legal component in many countries around the world and is already used in a variety of industries such as supplements, cosmetics and health.

In addition, if this law is approved, it will be possible to establish in Israel a textile, paper and plastic industry from industrial cannabis, as well as local production of HEMP oil, edible HEMP seeds and more.

On the bill signed alongside the initiator MK Kish 22 additional MKs.

These days are underway Pilot is the first of its kind (North, Central and South), in order to examine the possibility of permitting the growth and production of industrial cannabis in Israel.

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