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The first debate on the "non-incrimination" bill - with the participation of Minister Erdan

First publication: Next week there will be a first discussion of the Minister of Police's bill to impose fines on cannabis consumers ("non-incriminating"), after its approval on first reading and before final approval for second and third reading. Green Leaf will display a list of requirements for repair.

The bill drafted by the Minister of Police Gilad Erdan And will impose heavy fines on cannabis consumers next week (20.6) for the first discussion in the Labor and Social Affairs Committee, as part of the legislative process before its final approval.

after the Which was approved In a vote in the plenum on first reading in a majority of 38 supporters against 0, there will be a number of discussions in the committee, which will examine the terms of the proposal and their significance for the authorities and citizens.

After the committee's deliberations and the approval of the articles, the motion for final approval in the plenum will continue in the second and third reading, in a few weeks or months.

Recall according to The current version Of the law formulated by Minister Erdan, which he calls "non-incrimination," heavy fines will be levied on Israelis caught with cannabis for self-use - 1,000 NIS for the first time, NIS 2,000 for the second time.

However, according to Ardan's proposal, the definition of holding cannabis as a criminal offense in the law will not be revoked and the right to pay the fines will be accepted only by those who are caught and will be willing to admit to the policeman that they have committed a criminal offense.

In addition, the new procedure will not apply to anyone who already has a criminal record or to a person who commits another offense concurrently with the crime of holding the cannabis, for example disturbing a policeman in the performance of his duties, insulting a policeman,

The leaders of the struggle and the "Green Leaf" party presented 5 with demands to amend the sections of the bill without which, That's how they warn, The new law will only facilitate enforcement and increase incrimination.

More They announced In the party that without amendment of the sections in accordance with the requirements will be filed petition to the High Court of Justice Against This law will be approved.

5 Green Leaf requirements to amend the wording of the proposal:

  • The cancellation of criminal records on each case of self-use from the past, and the cancellation of files and investigations currently under way.
  • Possession of cannabis in quantities of self-use at home will not constitute a criminal offense at all.
  • There shall be no authority to search or enter the courts on the basis of a suspicion of an offense of possession or personal use.
  • Cancellation of the strict conditions for a fine instead of criminal proceedings.
  • Fines reduction: instead of 1000 NIS - 250 for the first time. Instead of 2,000 NIS - 500 for the second time. Third time 1000 NIS instead of rehabilitation treatment and revocation of license and fourth time information course criminal procedure.

To the disappointment of the supporters of cannabis and legalization, the committee will be chaired by an MK Eli Alalouf, One of the biggest opponents of cannabis in Israel.