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"Dangerous Drug Lab": YAT fighters caught Cannabis plants in Ashkelon

The Lachish police office reports the exposure of a "dangerous drug laboratory" in an apartment in a residential building in Ashkelon. A young man in the 20 whose life was observed treating plants was arrested and taken for questioning. "The activity is intended to thwart the danger of an entire public," it said.

The police reported on Wednesday the arrest of a resident of Rishon LeZion in the 20, who is suspected of growing cannabis plants in an apartment in a residential building in Ashkelon. According to the young report, a handler of 40-weight pots was observed and arrested by the police and taken for interrogation.

"During an activity on Binyamin Street in the Givat Zion neighborhood against the phenomenon of growing drugs in the homes of a residential apartment, a suspicious resident of the center of the country (Rishon LeZion) was spotted in the 20 life and came to the apartment and treated with great dedication and professionalism in the plants, cannabis plants." "The YSAM immediately carried out his arrest and the suspect was transferred for interrogation in the Lachish Central Police Unit. In the apartment, a marijuana drug with a total weight of about 40 was seized. The suspect's detention was extended from time to time by the investigators of the Military Police Center in order to continue the investigation until an indictment was filed against him in court. The suspect was even left at the request of the prosecution until the end of proceedings. "

"In an activity against the phenomenon of drug cultivation in places that endanger the safety and well-being of the public, such an apartment has been located in the city of Ashkelon by Israeli police," the report further reported. "A suspect in the 20 of his life who was seen treating the many pots in the place was arrested by the police and taken for questioning. His detention was extended in court and an indictment was filed against him together with a request to continue his detention until the end of proceedings. "

Cannabis plants were caught in Ashkelon
"Dangerous Drugs Laboratory": The plants seized in Ashkelon

The police said that "the Israel Police units continue their activities and the ongoing struggle against the dangerous drug laboratories," and that "most of these are located by suspects who do not hesitate to do so in residential buildings in which normative citizens, children and adults reside."

"This activity is designed to thwart as much as possible the entire population living in these neighborhoods where the police locate drug-dealing laboratories," the report said.