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A merchant complained to the police that a client had robbed him of Cannabis - and was arrested

A resident of Tel Aviv, the son of 24, filed a complaint with the police against his client, who said he robbed him of cannabis, money and the scooter he owned. The robber / client fled the scene and the merchant was arrested after filing the complaint. "This is a strange case," the judge ruled and extended his detention.

Police arrested a young 24 man from Tel Aviv on suspicion of drug trafficking after he himself arrived at the police station to file a complaint against a client who robbed him of the cannabis he intended to sell.

According to a report in Wint the merchant arrived in Herzliya following the invitation of a client who wanted to buy cannabis, but upon his arrival the client attacked him violently and robbed him of cannabis as well as the money in his possession and the scooter with him arrived.

The robbed merchant arrived at the police station and filed a complaint against the client, admitting that he had arrived at the scene in order to make a deal.

Moreover, the dealer even handed the police on his own initiative his phone and SMS correspondence between him and the customer proving that he intended to sell him the cannabis.

In a search on the phone, the police found evidence of further trade with other clients, but in his interrogation the merchant claimed that he did not know those customers.

Following the findings, the trafficker was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking in a large number of cases, possession of drugs not for personal consumption, and conspiracy to commit a crime.

It should be noted that the detainee has already been sentenced to eight months suspended imprisonment for drug trafficking, and he was brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Tuesday for a remand hearing.

In the decision, the judge ruled: "This is a strange case in which the suspect here is actually the complainant and the victim in a robbery case, during which the drugs and money that were on the suspect were stolen during a planned trade deal. The suspect in his interrogation confirms that he is involved in drug trafficking, and therefore there can be no disagreement regarding the existence of a reasonable suspicion regarding this matter. "

The court ordered his detention to be extended by five days for further investigation. The investigation into the suspicion of drug trafficking and robbery continues.