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Ministry of Health to the "angel" doctor: Reduce the amount of cannabis licensed

The wings of Dr. Johnny Grunfeld, known as the "Generous" medical cannabis license for cancer patients and nicknamed "Angel," were cut this week: The Ministry of Health informed him that from now on he should not issue more than 100 cannabis to the patient, Belong to the hospital where he works. "Those who hurt are the patients," explains an industry source.

Cancer patients who are in serious condition and who require medical cannabis, have come to Dr. in recent years Johnny Greenfield, An oncology specialist at Assaf Harofeh Hospital, who is known to believe in the help cannabis provides to patients.

Another significant advantage of Dr. Greenfeld is that, unlike other doctors who can only recommend a license and pass the decision to the Ministry of Health, he may issue the licenses himself without the intervention of the authorities above him and within 48 hours.

Johnny Greenfield
"The Angel" Dr. Johnny Greenfeld (Photo courtesy of the Association of Herbalists)

But what Dr. Greenfeld has learned most about all is his fundamental support for the attempts of cancer patients to treat themselves with specially concentrated cannabis oil, called "RSO oil"Or" black oil ".

In order to produce the black oil, it is necessary to extract significant quantities of cannabis flowers, from which the active ingredients are extracted up to 60 to 80, an average of THC, according to 3, and more than the concentration of the active substance in the inflorescence.

Following this approach, with the help of many who testify that their lives were saved, Grinfeld was named by the patients as an "angel".

Now, a few days after the unveiling His dismissal Of another doctor, Dr. Gil Morley, to recommend medical cannabis licenses, it turns out that another directive came to Dr. Greenfeld.

Although Dr. Greenfeld was not prohibited from issuing licenses, as was the case with Dr. Morley, the Ministry of Health informed him that he had to do so Stop accepting patients who are not hospitalized in the hospital where they work, 'Asaf the doctor'.

Another restriction imposed on Greenfeld is Not to issue licenses of more than 100 grams of cannabis per month.

This restriction of 100 can cause serious problems, especially for those who need more important amounts to produce RSO oil because, according to the original recipe, 450 requires cannabis to produce 60 oil.

"The non-issue restriction more than 100 caused cannabis for cancer patients to first and foremost affect cancer patients," said a source in the industry who helps patients in oil production.

On the other hand, according to Health Ministry officials, the restriction on 100 grams is an existing, permanent and sweeping restriction on all doctors, and a doctor who issues more than that simply violates the procedures.

Rick Simpson 's cannabis oil
Cannabis oil

The phenomenon of oil production in the home expanded significantly after the Ministry of Health informed the licensed medical cannabis companies that He was arrested They must produce it.

In recent years Use increased In this oil after the network published guides production andProper use, Along with testimonies of patients as stated.

Last year though arrested An Israeli doctor who used to produce the oil at home and a few weeks ago arrested One of the best-known guides in this field, Nir Yupatero, in a police raid on his home.

One of the most memorable testimonies is that of the submarine submarine in Kishon, the son of the 57, Yehuda Haber, That number How he managed to reduce and eliminate the cancerous tumor from his brain by using this oil.

Recently, there has been a public debate about the black oil and its legality, while the Ministry of Health He insists That patients should not produce at home, legal experts Set That this is also permitted by law.

The medical cannabis association was informed "Intervention in medical discretion and the professional conscience of the doctor examining the patient is unthinkable, and reminds us of conduct in Third World countries. In view of the witch hunt, which appears to have been opened by the JIC against doctors who support medical cannabis treatment and who have extensive clinical experience, it must be asked who benefits from this obvious injury to patients and doctors by the authority that is supposed to protect them - .

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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