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Cannabis doctor dismissed for "over-indulgence"

Dozens of medical cannabis patients are expected to remain without a license after the Health Ministry informed the doctor that he is now unable to recommend Cannabis licenses, ostensibly because of "excessive permissiveness." On the other hand, some claim that this is a personal vendetta of the Ministry of Health against the doctor, as a result of his testimony in a lawsuit against the medical cannabis unit.

Dr Gil Morley(Crohn's and colitis) was summoned at the end of last month to a hearing at the offices of the Medical Unit's Medical Unit, at the end of which he was denied the possibility of recommending more medical cannabis treatment.

During the hearing, according to sources close to the doctor, representatives of the Health Ministry claimed that he was "too permissive" in his recommendations for medical cannabis licenses, even though he does not issue the licenses himself, but merely recommends and passes the final decision to the senior managers who can reject it if they wish to do so .

Letter from Dr. Gil Morley - Medical Cannabis
"I was forbidden to send recommendations to medical cannabis" - Dr. Gil Morley

Although he successfully completed the official medical cannabis course for doctors, it was made clear to Dr. Morley that he would no longer be able to submit Cannabis licenses to his patients, leaving them unanswered - and soon without a license.

"Gave too many recommendations"

"When I arrived last week to renew the license, Dr. Morley explained to me that the Health Ministry is no longer allowing him to recommend medical cannabis," says S., who has been treated for years at Cannabis and now faces the expiration of the license without renewing it.

Gil Morley
Dr. Gil Morley - Dismissed (Photo courtesy of Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem)

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Morley agreed to write a general letter to S. stating that the Ministry of Health had forbidden him to continue making recommendations: "The Ministry of Health is now forbidding me to send recommendations. I hope that the prohibition will pass and that six will continue to receive cannabis, Wrote.

The reason for the ban, according to sources close to the doctor, is that Dr. Morley "gave too many recommendations to treat cannabis and more easily."

"They explained to him that he had been banned from recommending medical cannabis because of complaints from other doctors who themselves did not want to prescribe medical cannabis and that their patients turned to Dr. Morley for their recommendation," the source said. "They invited him to a hearing and informed him that he was a bit beyond the procedures and therefore they prohibited him from doing so."

Meanwhile, the dozens of patients at Cannabis in Dr. Morley's clinic continue to reach him, and immediately receive a negative answer. It is not yet known if and when the doctor will be given permission to recommend medical cannabis.

"It's not just me," she explains. "During his visit I saw a whole list of patients like me who can not get the recommendation from him. I do not know what to do now, in a few weeks the license has expired and I will not be able to get a recommendation for renewal until then. "

"Was dismissed because of his involvement in the lawsuit against the ministry"

According to another patient, G., who was also treated for a period with Dr. Morley, the decision to disqualify the doctor from recommending medical cannabis is also a result of a recent lawsuit against the NIC.

The lawsuit, submitted to the Health Ministry only a day before the doctor was summoned to a hearing, also includes, among other things, Dr. Morley's claims about threats allegedly given to him by the Ministry of Health.

"Dr. Morley confessed to me that he had succumbed to the demand of senior medical cannabis officers who had forbidden him to recommend a full dose of cannabis as I had," the patient says. "Instead, they cut me the dose more than 50 for a certain period, and today I have no license at all for 7 months."

According to G., it is quite possible that following the lawsuit, in which the incident was mentioned with Dr. Morley and his remarks about the instruction he received from the Health Ministry, the JIC decided to disqualify him.

The Ministry of Health refused to comment on the matter.

Dr. Morley said that "the doctor is no longer employed in Meuhedet. The HMO is working to transfer patients to another licensed doctor. "

The medical cannabis association asked that "the information we have about the conduct of the medical cannabis unit in both Dr. Morley's case and that of the patient is scandalous, and raises serious concerns about the lack of good faith and the presence of extraneous considerations in the decision-making in cases of death. The blatant disregard for Dr. Morley and the hundreds of patients who depend on him shows at least that the welfare of the patients on whom the YIC is based is far from being the top priority. The organization calls for an immediate investigation of the dubious conduct of the medical cannabis unit by the state comptroller and law enforcement officials. "

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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