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Another Cannabis doctor stopped activity - the solution for patients: administrative extension

Dr. Netzer Hiram, who has provided services to at least dozens of Cannabis patients to date, has retired unexpectedly, closed the phone and does not attend the clinic. "He just disappeared," a patient reported. "I'm currently unavailable because of a new management role and I'll keep you posted," he explained. The solution for patients whose license expired: Submission of an application for "administrative extension".

Dozens of medical cannabis patients are in the process of renewing their license due to the discontinuation of doctors in the field, who used to sign their recommendations for extending the license.

After we exposed yesterday (Monday) nothing His dismissal Of Dr Gil Morley By the Ministry of Health due to alleged "excessive permissiveness," the magazine received complaints about the cessation of the operation of another doctor.

Netzer Hiram
"I have a load" - Dr. Netzer Hiram

It turns out this morning that Dr. Netzer Hiram, A family physician who used to recommend cannabis to those suffering from pain, does not answer the phone calls and no longer comes to the clinic where he treated dozens of people suffering from pain.

"Following your article about Dr. Morley, I wanted to update that my doctor, Dr. Netzer Hiram, was gone," a doctor's patient wrote to us. "For over a month he does not answer phone calls, emails and even his clinic, he does not come."

We checked with Dr. Hiram whether the Ministry of Health had also dismissed him, but in this case, he says, this is not a matter of dismissal, but rather his decision to stop the activity due to overload.

"In my case it has nothing to do with the Health Ministry directive, I just have a big load on a new managerial position that takes a lot of time and so I can not get any more patients," he said.

The doctor estimates that he is not expected to return to activity, certainly not in the coming month, if not more. "At the moment, I do not know how to say," he said.

Therefore, the patients of Dr. Morley and Dr. Hiram who have remained unanswered and their license is about to expire are required to send a fax to the Medical Research Unit (KABU) shortly, demanding an "administrative extension".

An "administrative extension" of several months, from the examination of the magazine for the patients, will be given to whom Not through his fault Can not send a recommendation from a doctor, due to his retirement or dismissal from the position.

It is quite possible that one of the things that is taking Dr. Hiram's time is development New app Which we reported last week, whose developers hope to replace the "owl" for driving testing, including for consumers and medical cannabis patients.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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