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The company "BOL Pharma" is upgrading: a new plant and 95 million investment

The Israeli medical cannabis company "BOL Pharma" is preparing to sell its new products, Talixir, Slixir and Aquetir in pharmacies. In the coming weeks, it is expected to sign an agreement in which a subsidiary of the Farmers' Union will invest $ 1 million.

"Amir Marketing" - a subsidiary of the Farmers' Association, the body that represents the farmers in Israel - rose yesterday on the "32" Notice to the Stock Exchange In which the intention to invest was reported 27 million dollars At Cannabis Medical.

In a statement yesterday, the parties did not disclose who the target company to which the millions of dollars are expected to be (95 million), but this morning it was revealed that it is the medical cannabis company BOL Pharma, which is active in the field of medical cannabis in Israel For the past decade has been called "aspiration for life."

Talixir, Selixir, Aquetir - BOL's new cannabis products - are intended for sale in pharmacies

Following the announcement, the reports in the economic forums and newspapers referred to the expected investment, as one that actually joins similar announcements issued in the past few months by two companies that are already traded on the Israeli stock market in the cannabis market -Will be setAnd 'Mediocre'.

But "Amir" and "BOL" were apparently not satisfied with this comparison, since unlike Tidoor and Medioui, which do not possess real cannabis properties, BOL is a company that owns an active medical cannabis farm, enlarges and markets medical cannabis to patients long time.

As a result, the parties decided to publish an update to yesterday's report and disclosed the details of the agreement. The approximate date for completing the negotiations is about a month away (30.4.2018). "BOL" also announced that if the Israeli government finally does not approve the export of medical cannabis abroad, it will consider setting up production facilities overseas.

The investment in 27 is expected to be the first investment, and later, as the cooperation progresses, Amir may invest additional large amounts of money.

BOL medical cannabis facility
BOL's new medical cannabis facility

BOL recently relocated its location from the Pardes Hanna area to the Gedera area, where the largest medical cannabis plant in Israel was recently established and one of the largest in the world, where the company will grow and manufacture medical cannabis products for IMC-GMP.

This week, the company's new products were first exposed:Taliksir'(Telixir),'Selixir'(Celixir) and'Aquatir(Equatir) - which are intended for sale in pharmacies, similar to the Axiban of the pharmaceutical company Rafa, which, as we first discovered in the magazine, will participate next month In a pilot of the Ministry of Health.

The company's new oils come in THC ratios: CBD variables. Thus Telexir has a ratio of 20: 4 to THC, Slixir contains a ratio of 3: 16 to CBD and Equator as its name is, balanced, in 10: 10.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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