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"AXIBAN": Soon Cannabis at Super Pharm

Exposure: For the first time since the release of 2013 program to sell medical cannabis in pharmacies is expected to line new cannabis oils to be sold on Super Pharm network already in April. This is part of a new limited pilot project of the Ministry of Health that will include cooperation between the pharmaceutical company Rafa and the medical cannabis plant, Panaxia,.

During the middle of April 2018, possibly at 18 per month, is expected to begin in Israel the first pilot of its kind, in which medical cannabis will be sold for the first time in pharmacies - More in 2013.

This is a collaboration of the new medical cannabis plant,Panaxia(Panaxia), which will produce cannabis oils from a raw material that has not yet been known for its source, the veteran Israeli pharmaceutical company Rafa, Recently announced For its introduction into the medical cannabis industry.

Rafa will offer the customers of a limited number of pharmacies participating in the pilot a new line of cannabis oils called 'Exiben'(Axiban) - which can letters of the word "cannabis". These oils contain varying ratios of THC:CBD (Such as 1, 20, 3, 15, 3.5, 0, 5: 10, 15: 3) and will become the first in Israel to sell cannabis in pharmacies.

As of now, 18 pharmacies are expected to participate in the pilot, when most of them belong to the Super Pharm chain, which also entered the field two years ago, Which we exposed For the first time in a magazine.

The new line of cannabis oils manufactured by Panaxia, which will be sold by Rafa in the pharmacy chain of Super Pharm, as part of a new pilot

In addition to the pilot, 18 is expected to start issuing medical cannabis licenses on their own, as opposed to the current situation when one entity in the medical cannabis unit signs and certifies all the licenses. These doctors will be out of the list The new cannabis doctors Who had already been trained and whose names we had also revealed for the first time.

It is not clear why 18 Pharma, 18 Pharmacies, 18, 2018, or 18 were chosen, but some say that this is a creative idea of ​​the director of the medical cannabis unit, Yuval Landstedt himself, in the Gematria XNUMX.

This step of starting a small pilot comes as a result of the decision of senior government officials not to continue to wait for the approval of exports abroad, which is delayed by Prime Minister Netanyahu, and to begin motivating the areas of reform that do not relate specifically to this issue.

It should be noted that according to this report, some of the sources in the industry expressed indignation, firstly that it is a pharmaceutical company that is taking precedence over such a significant move, and secondly, that it is not clear where the raw material comes from in the new cannabis oils.

"I personally believe that sometime in the next few weeks, until the start of the pilot, the Ministry of Health will approve one IMC-GAP company, which will enable it to supply the raw material to Phenaxia, which in turn will produce the oil for Rafa for sale in the pharmacies Of Super-Pharm. "

According to the reform, in order to sell legal cannabis products in pharmacies, cannabis, which has grown in accordance with the IMC-GAP standard, must be kept, but as of today, there is still no one in Israel who holds such a standard except for the private company Of hundreds of cannabis plants from the US to Israel, as we first discovered In an investigation together with Yedioth Ahronoth,.

So where does Rafa's new cannabis come from? Raw material that holds the strict standard? The Ministry of Health did not respond, and Landschap himself did not allow him to ask him this or that question In his controversial appearance This week at the Kinatech conference, but we managed to get a few details from Rafa itself.

"Exiben is manufactured by Panaxia, which will receive the raw materials from growers that will meet the GAP standard provided by the Ministry of Health," the magazine reported from Rafa. "The medical cannabis products from Rafa will be marketed in pharmacies that will be approved to issue medical cannabis products by the Ministry of Health in non-smoking forms of drug delivery."

Regarding the final price for the patient, the medical cannabis explains, "The cost of treatment with Exiben subtotone drops will depend on the amount of packaging and the amount of active ingredients THC and CBD in the packaging. In some patients, the cost of treatment will be lower for some of them and some of them will not be significantly different from the current treatment costs. "

The first product to be marketed will be Exiben in sublingual drops, followed by sublingual tablets, rectal wicks and more. Exven will be able to purchase patients who have been licensed to treat medical cannabis in non-smoking forms of administration. "It is important to note that Exeven patients will be able to receive follow-up and guidance from a registered nurse during the treatment at no additional cost," they stressed.

Super-Pharm has not yet received a response, as has the Ministry of Health.

Apart from the GAP issue, another delay that may be caused by the start of the pilot is the ostensible desire of the manager of the NII to join the operation. Private pharmacies that do not belong to Super Pharm may also say that since he himself Was in the past Owner of the pharmacy of the great network.

The delay in initiating the reform stems mainly from the fact that it is based mainly on the approval of the export of medical cannabis abroad, without which there is no economic justification for the move. Recently reported An expected compromise The government ministries supporting exports and Minister Gilad Erdan and the Ministry of Internal Security are making it difficult to approve the move, according to which, instead of hundreds of medical cannabis farms, as promised, only farms and isolated areas will be opened in the first stage.

In the coming weeks, a final answer is also expected on the issue of exports and in accordance with the start of the entire medical cannabis reform.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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