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Found the owner of the bang in the Knesset: "I told them it was like a cure"

The leader of the disabled people's protest to increase the disability pension has been staying with its members in the Knesset since yesterday. The water pipe (bang) it uses for cannabis consumption has become the talk of last night. "They refuse to raise my dose, I can not smoke joints," she says today.

Yesterday (Monday) was published A picture of Bang (Water pipe) that was left in the smoking corner of the Knesset building, which was followed The story of the cannabis bag Last year, he speculated on who owned the device and how it got to its place.

We looked for a search and finally we also located the proud owner of the bang - Chana Akiva, Leader of the protest of the disabled and roadblocks.

Hannah made headlines following the struggle of her and her friends, the Panthers, and after a meeting with her Nicol Raidman, A friend of Sarah Netanyahu, Who put cash in her hand as a donation.

Hanna Akiva (left) with Nicole Raedman at the demonstration (Photo: Yonatan Sindel)
Hanna Akiva (left) with Nicole Raidman at the demonstration (Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90)

It turns out that since yesterday, when the Knesset deliberations were held at the end of which a disability pension was set lower than initially promised, the Panthers decided to remain in the Knesset and not move until the allowances were increased. "We have been sleeping on the benches in the Knesset since yesterday," she said.

And how the Knesset reacted to Bang walking around in the smoking corner?

"The guard came to me in the Knesset and asked me to put it down," Hannah relates in a conversation with the magazine. "I told him just a moment and showed him my medicine. I asked, 'Do I have to hide that too?' And he said no. So I told him that cannabis should not be taken lightly as a medicine. He said 'Excuse me Mrs.' and left. "

Hannah Akiva with the Bang
Chana Akiva with the Bang (click to enlarge)

The medical cannabis is given to Hannah in the wake of pain from which she suffers regularly as a result of paralysis, as well as for the treatment of colitis, which she suffers from. "The one I like the most is Alaska's Tikkun Olam," she said. "I got a license after the protest at German's house five years ago."

She also complained that the Ministry of Health refused to raise the monthly dosage for her, as did many others: "It calms me very much but I do not have enough, I am out of supply before the time and I am not willing to raise the dose even a little, "He said.

"For years I was with drugs and cannabis much better," she concluded.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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