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Is it because of Trump that Netanyahu stopped the cannabis reform in Israel?

The news company (formerly 2) reported Wednesday that the medical cannabis reform, based on medical cannabis exports from Israel, had been frozen by Prime Minister Netanyahu following pressure from US President Trump. However, it seems that the rumor has no basis.

Along with a host of theories that have been heard in recent days among the media regarding the decision Benjamin Netanyahu To freeze the export of Cannabis from Israel to abroad, one rumor is particularly interesting - but rather faint.

According to rumor, Which arrived tonight (Nasdaq: 2), the opposition of the US president Donald Trump It was she who caused Netanyahu to stop the approval process at its peak.

"Israel wants to avoid a confrontation with Trump, which is opposed to legalization," reported news anchor Dana Weiss. "At the beginning of the discussion with the four ministers, even before the representatives raised the arguments for and against, Netanyahu noted that Trump had talked to him on the subject and mentioned his general approach against the Galicia of Cannabis."

"Netanyahu made it clear to the ministers that Israel should not be the pioneer in this context, since besides Canada there is no country in the world that exports the drug," she said. "At this stage, the Treasury will remind the participants that any confrontation can be avoided if the government chooses not to export cannabis to the United States, but Netanyahu reiterated the administration's position in Washington, stressing that it would not necessarily serve Israel's interests. At the end of the discussion, Netanyahu ordered a freeze on the move until the completion of economic tests and an examination with the Health Ministry. "

But since the US does not allow imports of cannabis, at least not in the next few years until federal law is changed, there is no "danger" to the Americans from Cannabis imports from Israel, so this is unlikely to be the case.

The reason for Trump's opposition to the export of medical cannabis from Israel is because Trump "opposes the legalization of cannabis" - but this is also an error.

Trump had already expressed His principled support Legalization, alongside support Unequivocally and unqualifiedly to expand the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

This report comes in parallel to the claims published here in the magazine that the reasons for the freeze are the struggle of Minister Gilad Erdan and his advisor Yoel Hadar, who are demanding an increase in budgets and additional standards, claim On the part of someone in the government that Aradan is trying to cause image damage to the prime minister.

Another theory about Trump's apparent intervention in the cannabis reform process in Israel is that it is a response For investigation Of Cannabis Magazine and Yedioth Ahronoth, in which questions were raised by the American enforcement authorities (DEA and FDA) regarding the senior Israeli official who approved the smuggling of Cannabis from California to Israel.

Another theory is that Netanyahu does not want to take responsibility for the cancellation of the medical cannabis reform, and therefore he has to "throw" responsibility for someone else.