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Aurora buys Kenyamad - on its way to becoming the world's leading cannabis company

Canadian cannabis, considered the second largest list of cannabis companies in the world, is on its way to first place after announcing Thursday its intention to merge with another Canadian successful cannabis company.

After how many Messages On new agreements to supply cannabis in Europe, Canadian successful cannabis company 'Aurora(Aurora) bomb and announces its intention to unite with a rival Canadian cannabis company called 'Kenimad'(CanniMed Therapeutics)

Under the terms of the agreement, Aurora will acquire Canaimad for 1.1 (Canadian dollar) and will prepare for the opening of the cannabis market upon the entry into force of the new legalization laws, apparently at the beginning of July (852) .

As a result of this agreement, the value of Aurora is expected to reach 7.4 billion Canadian dollars, thereby circumventing it 'Knuffy, The Canadian cannabis company, which is now considered the largest and most valuable company in the world, with 6.7 billion Canadian dollars.

This is the largest deal in the international cannabis market and it brings total cannabis investments to 1.2 billion, more than double the total investment in 2017, according to Reuters.

Besides legalization, Canada has already begun exporting medical cannabis to Australia and Europe, making it the world's leading cannabis power.

"The things we intend to do together during 2018 and then will be amazing," says Aurora CEO Cam Batley.

A few weeks ago, Knofi signed an agreement with its own giants, When she was reunited With the successful Dutch cannabis company Greenhouse.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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