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Aurora is building the largest cannabis facility in Europe

Another Canadian company is making a significant dent in Europe's growing medical cannabis market: after Knopi, Aurora will also set up a giant cannabis plant in Odense. "This makes us the leading cannabis company in Europe," they announce.

The city of Odense in Denmark is now becoming one of the most prominent medical cannabis centers in the world, after the successful Canadian cannabis company,Aurora'(Aurora) Has announced that it will soon build a giant growing plant for cannabis.

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The announcement comes a few weeks after a similar announcement by the world's largest Canadian cannabis corporation, Knuffy, Which he also published That within the framework of cooperation with the company "Denish Cannabis" will be established a compound for cultivation and production of cannabis on an area of ​​†<†<40 acres in the city.

In a statement issued by Aurora on Friday, the company states that the facility, which will be established in cooperation with the Danish company,Alfred Pedersen and Sons (APS) on an area of ​​92 and will be owned by a joint company called Aurora Nordic Cannabis - will be the cannabis facility Great in Europe.

APS is now the largest tomato, cucumber and peppers producer in Scandinavia and owns glass greenhouse areas spread over the 260 acres.

This agreement is another domino in a chain of Canadian companies Already exporting Cannabis And sign cooperation agreements with representatives from countries throughout Europe as well In Israel, In what appears to be paving the way for Canada to become a powerful cannabis power.

In the framework of the agreement, Aurora will hold 51% of the shares of Aurora Nordic, with the remaining ANS holding the Danish APS.

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The Aurora cannabis facility in Canada will soon be in Denmark as well

Alfred Pedersen & Sons is one of the first and only companies in Europe to have a valid official cannabis license issued by the Government Drug Agency of Denmark and attacked from January 2018.

In a statement released by the companies, the company said that after the start of work in the third quarter of 2018, the new facility is expected to produce 120 1,000 kg of cannabis each year. "With existing APS incubator areas, Aurora Nordic can be ready to grow in the summer if you choose," it says.

At this stage, the joint company intends to grow and produce cannabis to be sold throughout Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Subsequently, in accordance with the growth rate, they intend to market to the rest of the EU.

"This is a huge step for Aurora, which makes us the leading cannabis company in Europe," the company executives said. "This is a market of well over 400 million people and we have been today the leading distributors of medical cannabis in Germany."

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