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The Union of Cannabis giants: Knopy and Greenhouse combine forces

The Canadian cannabis corporation Canopy, considered the world's largest, has been linked to the famous breed hunters from the Dutch company Greenhouse and the American company Organa. Under the tripartite agreement, the companies will sell the genetics and products in Canada and export them to the entire world.

Towards implementation The new legalization laws And the opening of legal cannabis shops in Canada, two of the most prominent players in the global cannabis industry are joining together as part of a new deal officially signed this week.

One of the parties to the deal is the Canadian cannabis corporation CanopyCanopy), Which is considered the largest and strongest cannabis company in the world with an estimated value of 3.8 billion, which only two weeks ago He announced On the sale of 10% of its shares to one of the largest alcohol companies in the world.

Canopy is the owner of the Canadian medical cannabis company TweedTweed) And Spectra, as well as the exclusive franchise in Canada of the Dutch medical cannabis company in DruckenBedrocan). In addition, it is in cooperation with the cannabis company Lips (Leafs) Of rapper 'Snoop Dogg' and the famous cannabis seed genetics'DNAAnd Australian medical cannabis company Oskan (Auscann).

Knopy Greenhouse was organized
Giant Confederations: Canopy, Greenhouse and Organa will collaborate and market cannabis products to the world.

Now joined by those who are considered one of the most successful cannabis seed companies in the world, certainly the most famous of them - Greenhouse CompanyGreen House), The Dutch producer of the famous cannabis varieties White Wido and Super Lemon Hayes and who have already won the 40 trophies in the Cannabis Cup competitions.

Greenhouse, which has since held 1985 in several Cannabis and Cupishops clubs in Barcelona and Amsterdam, Documentary film series (Strain Hunters), in which the company's owners Arian Ruskem and Franco Luha (of blessed memory)Who died this year By surprise) on their tours in remote areas of the countries of Cannabis are famous, trying to locate 'Made of heritage- Cannabis varieties in their original form - for the collection and development of unique genotypes of cannabis.

Knopi and Greenhouse are also joining the Organa company.Organa) Of Colorado, one of the most famous cannabis companies in the country mainly because of its ownership of the brand of popular evaporation pens OpenVape, But also with a series of extracts and edible products sold in 11 countries across the US and Jamaica.

The agreement between the companies, in which Greenhouse and Orgena will acquire shares in the Knopi corporation, is to develop and sell the Greenhouse varieties of cannabis and the organa evaporation products throughout Canada on the day after the legalization (2018) Which are being developed worldwide in order to allow the export of medical cannabis from Canada to Australia, Germany, Switzerland and more.

"Each of the companies brings with it a very interesting mix of experience, branding and entry points for the industry," he said this week In a press release CEO of Knuffy Bruce Linton. "It's almost like we're making a rope with extensions, while a kind of 'first time' that will bring tremendous expertise and experience to an official company licensed by the Canadian Health Ministry."

One of the founders of Organa, Jeremy Heidi, said, "This is a real collaboration that will be an international home for all three companies. That we did it in one night is just amazing. Canada is the world's largest legal cannabis market, but when you think of how much more space remains, we only scratch potential. Together with Knopf and Grynhaus the whole world is a potential. "

"Our company has been on the market for 32 years," said Billy Levy, co-director of Greenhouse's US subsidiary. "We believe that brands will be an important part of a burgeoning industry and once we have been offered the opportunity to penetrate the US market, we knew it was going to be something special."

Canopy is not the only Canadian company to spread its hands around the world. It has recently been reported that the Canadian cannabis corporation 'Kronos' will cooperate With Kibbutz Gan Shmuel here in Israel and that the Canadian cannabis company 'Teilray' Opens A huge growth and production facility in Portugal.