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About Harry Anslinger - the man who took the cannabis out of the law

Economist Gilad Alper details the background to the cannabis removal from the law and examines the real reasons for this. Harry Anslinger, William Randolph Hearst, DuPont and the interests and xenophobia that led to the law that remains with us to this day.

On the reasons for the definition of cannabis as a dangerous and illegal drug already We have listed many times in the past, Including financial interests, shallow politics and xenophobia and minorities. Now the Israeli economist is presenting this in a new video Gilad Alper, In the production of the mada website, which is very popular among Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Cannabis was up to 1937 a popular drug in the US, especially among the poor who could not afford expensive medical care," Alper describes. "Many doctors used to start each dose of cannabis - so how did cannabis become a dangerous narcotic drug that justifies throwing people into prison?"

Harry Anslinger
Harry Anslinger - responsible for removing the cannabis from the law

The main culprit is an American government official named Harry Anslinger, Who was the first director of the Federal Narcotics Agency. For years, he ran a false campaign to convince that cannabis is a dangerous drug to be outlawed.

Alper presents the three main reasons for which Anslinger is believed to have embarked on a stubborn struggle against cannabis and its consumers: the usual lust of bureaucrats for budgets and authority, racism and fear of blacks and Hispanics, and an economic-industrial interest.

"Marijuana makes blacks think they're as good as the white man," "Most marijuana users are blacks, Hispanics and entertainers," and "jazz music fueled by marijuana makes white women have sex with blacks" And entertainers. "

Along with racist arguments, which were recently exposed again In more recent testimony, Anslinger also spread lies about murders committed as a result of alleged use of cannabis - a lie that only a few years later denied and claimed the opposite.

One of the reasons attributed to the removal of cannabis from the law is, as stated, the economic-industrial reason, a theory of capital-rule-newspaper type,Hemp'(hemp) - Industrial cannabis used to produce plastic and paper.

Hemp is a species lacking psychoactive properties but has industrial uses such as paper production. In those years the biggest press tycoon in the United States was William Randolph Hearst. He had commercial interests in raising a tree for his newspapers, so he wanted to eliminate the Hump competition and therefore supported Anslinger.

Hurst also turned cannabis into "marijuana" in an attempt to arouse hatred among the population that did not know the terms well. In addition, the theory claims to have a link with DuPont, which in those years patented patents on plastic and nylon and wanted to eliminate the competition from the Map.

"At least today there is a clear trend towards the legalization of cannabis in the Western world, and even here we have a little more openness," concludes Alper. "It remains to wonder why the State of Israel continues to throw people in jail because of this material. Whether there are improper commercial interests, or just a desire to destroy people's lives. "