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Officially, the medical cannabis industry has been recognized as an agricultural sector

The Ministries of Health and Agriculture announce that Israel recognizes for the first time the medical cannabis industry as an official agricultural branch of the state. This is a breakthrough in the government's attitude towards the controversial growth to date, which will allow for reductions in water prices for growers and the receipt of government investment budgets in projects in this field.

After a decade of activity, the medical cannabis industry in Israel has been recognized for the first time as an agricultural sector for all intents and purposes. The Ministry of Health announced Monday that the sector will be recognized as an agricultural sector and will enable those involved in the field to receive water allocations, state investments in the field and more.

"At the same time as the Agriculture Minister's decision to approve cannabis as an agricultural branch, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Shoham - Training and Professional Services - together with the IMCA, are working together to create professionalism and professionalism," the Health Ministry said this morning. Establishes an agricultural training team for the field of medical cannabis, which will be designated as 12 instructors. We thank the Ministry of Agriculture and the United Nations for their willingness to assist and cooperate in advancing the cannibalization of cannabis. "

"According to my guidance, the cultivation of medical cannabis on agricultural land, at the level of Medical Quality Cannabis, will be recognized as an agricultural sector for all matters, including agricultural training, investment in agriculture, water allocation to farmers and the breeding and breeding of medical cannabis," wrote the Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel.

"It goes without saying that the growth will be conducted in accordance with the appropriate agricultural standards (IMC-GAP) to be published by the Ministry of Agriculture," he added. "This is in addition to the definition of cannabis as a 'dangerous drug' under the provisions of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance and the provisions of the Convention on Narcotic Drugs of the United Nations."

"I also instructed my office and the Agricultural Research Administration to continue cooperation in agricultural research and development for the promotion of agricultural research, basic and applied in the field of cannabis," he concluded.

"It's a blessed thing that the Ministry of Agriculture finally recognizes cannabis as an agricultural crop, after years of fear and disregard for this issue," the CEO of Tikkun Olam told us in a conversation, Aaron Lutzky. "Until now, there has been a duality in the behavior of the government - which on the one hand divides the medical cannabis department and on the other prevents the possibility of receiving the appropriate price for water for agriculture and for investment investments."

Aaron Lutzky
Aharon Lutzky, CEO of Tikkun Olam

"Now an opening has been opened to receive all the permits as any other agricultural crop, and it is clear that this helps from an agricultural point of view," added Lutsky. "For us in repairing the world in a special way it helps in a number of things, but also for the whole industry is blessed."

Until now, the medical cannabis industry was not defined as an agricultural sector, which prevented the cannabis growers from receiving discounts on water allocations and budgets and investments.

"When you came to the Agriculture Ministry to ask for a quota of water, the answer was that it was not an agricultural crop," explains Lutzky. "The price of water for farmers is a price that moves around 2 and something about a cubic meter of water per farmer, and about NIS 16 per person - now the prices have dropped significantly."

"This is significant in terms of the Investment Center - a body that encourages investments in agriculture - which until now was in a position to deal only with crops known as agricultural crops. Now cannabis falls into this category. "

The issue of the definition of medical cannabis as an agricultural farming sector was already discussed in previous governments, but was not approved following the opposition of the Ministry of Public Security, which did not want to see the expansion of the industry.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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