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Guide to preparing hash in 4 steps

Maximum quality in minimum time: Instead of throwing the remaining cannabis into the trash, you will prepare it hashish Fine with a few dry ice cubes - no flammable gases, no water and no dirt.

Kief is a term for "cannabis powder" - the mixture of trichomes found on the flower and cannabis leaves and contains its active ingredients (Cannabinoids). Several basic methods can be produced based on the principle of separating them from dried cannabis flowers.

In this video guide you will learn how to make high quality hashish in a relatively simple way, using dry ice and a number of household utensils.

Dry ice is actually solid-state carbon dioxide. It has many uses in various industries (mainly for the food industry). You can find businesses that deliver dry ice to your home (a short search on Google will yield a variety of results).

Equipment required:

  • Filter bags (purchase) In the tumor stores)
  • hammer
  • utility knife
  • Hard card (credit card, magnetic card, phone card, etc.)
  • Towel
  • Bucket 10 liter
  • Dry Ice
  • Work gloves (recommended)
  • Dedicated Compressor (Pollen Press)

Once the required equipment is at hand, you can start the work:

Level A'

Break the ice and place it with the cuttings in layers into the bucket.
Dry ice in a bucket

stage B'

Place the filter bag on the bucket and shake the bag on a clean work surface for several minutes - until the color of the trichomonas falling from the bag becomes a greener shade.
Filtering on a work surface

Stage C

Collect the trichomes using a hard card
Collecting truncations

Stage D

Place the powder into the dedicated compressor
Trichomes within the compressor

After a few minutes you can pull out the hemp block from the designated deposit - for health!
Hashish in dry filtration

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