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The most ridiculous battle in history

How does it happen that in a large and important battle, the enemy forces reach the area of ​​combat, and find that the entire army against whom they lie is already lying on the floor after killing himself with his own hands? This is the unbelievable story of the strangest battle in history, caused, if not, by the consumption of perfectly legal materials.

By: Noa Ayalon

Try to imagine the following picture: In a certain battle the enemy comes and finds that the fighters against them have already done all the work, meaning that the enemy killed himself with his own hands.

This may well be considered as a paradigm of the military stupidity that occurred in Karneshev (Romania) in 17 in September 1788.

The situation was this: at that time, the two great powers in Central Europe, were the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, which certainly did not get along with each other, the opposite is true.

Logic at the time said that if conflicts can be resolved by force, why enter into negotiations and boring and exhausting dialogues?

On the eve of the 17 day in Xnumx, a battalion of Austrian soldiers marched towards the Romanian city of Krensbach, where they were waiting to confront the Turkish army.

When they arrived, the leading forces, cavalry, crossed the river to monitor the location of the Turkish army. But they found no trace of the Turkish army, so they began setting up a camp there.

What they did find was a group of Gypsies carrying a huge amount of rum. The soldiers bought 4 barrels of rum from them, and here the big mess began.

The cavalry began to drink large quantities of rum when the infantry forces arrived, dying of thirst for an alcoholic drink of course.

But the cavalry were not happy to share their treasure with them, as the infantrymen demanded, which led to a big fight. Imagine ... drunken and armed soldiers, a great way to conduct an exemplary battle.

The armies of Austria stood out as united nations armed with rifles and swords. They were involved as fighters in the territories belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, ie, Serbia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, etc., with language problems, because few spoke German.

At the height of the fight over the barrels, a shot pierced the air. The soldiers thought it was a Turkish sniper, and without thinking twice they ran out shouting "The Turks have arrived!", The Austrian officers tried to impose order and shouted "Halt Halt !!" (but in German), but most of the soldiers were Romanians and they understood "Allah Allah !!" The cry of the Turkish attack, which caused the phone to break and release all restraint from all sides.

At that moment, another large company of Austrian soldiers arrived at the camp, when they saw the cavalry shout "Turks, Turks!" They did not hesitate to attack with a sword in hand, the ones they thought of course, the Turkish army.

The soldiers began to shoot right and left, at anyone who looked Ottoman, especially since the evening shadows made it difficult to identify from a certain distance. To make things worse, more battalions arrived in the area, adding to the great feat of swords and shots that were widely distributed among the "enemies."

But that was just the beginning. The arrival of the artillery into the area was the fireworks of the party when they began to bomb without mercy.

It became a bloody real battle that lasted for a few hours, in which everyone was everyone's enemy - even the Emperor Joseph II fell from his horse in the heat of the fighting - until the battered soldiers fled for their lives.

Two days later, the Turkish army arrived in Krasnabash, surprised by the sight of the gruesome Dantzky spectacle of more than 10,000 dead Austrian soldiers lying on the ground. Someone did them a favor, and they did not move a single finger.

The "battle" that took place on the same Romanian border remained the ultimate prototype of human stupidity, which, under positive circumstances and mixed with alcohol and weapons, was capable of destroying itself in the dumbest way possible to demonstrate and prove simultaneously that a "gay" "Sapiens".

How did someone say very smart? It is more likely that we will destroy cockroaches from the world than human stupidity.

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