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Cannabis and 5 trimming guide for the home tower

Proper trimming of cannabis after the harvest is a particularly important step, but how to do it exactly, what equipment is needed for it, what to watch out for - and what is the difference between 'dry pruning' and 'wet pruning'? Here are some important tips and 5 types of timers for your home tower.

Cannabis flower harvesting is probably the most satisfying stage in the growth process, which comes after four months of investment and cultivation. But just before flowers can be used, there is a very important step to remember: the pruning stage, known as trimming.

Proper pruning of cannabis flowers will enable a more efficient drying and aging process that will help maintain the quality of the final product.

Trimming itself is quite simple, but there are a few things to consider before: smell: Cannabis smells typical and quite strong especially after harvesting and to avoid spreading the smell in all directions Some ways Which it is recommended to take. time: Pruning of 2-3 plants may take several hours, so as not to be drawn into a "pruning mode" it is better to set a time window wide enough for the activity and it is recommended not to harvest in a time pressure situation. equipment: Good scissors and comfort or manual shears, a clean work surface, rubber / latex gloves - that's all you need to worry about.

Before trimming, consider three important tips: 1. It is recommended to pruning the flowers immediately after harvesting while still fresh and fresh (pruning dried flowers may be a much more difficult task). 2. We begin by removing the unusually large leaves, then the mediums, and so on - until finally we will be left with a naked branch with flowers on it. Only then do the leaves begin to be cut from the flower itself. 3. The small leaves that are attached to the inflorescence will also contain generous quantities of rich trichomonas in cannabinoids and therefore it is recommended to keep them aside for separate use - For making hashish, Food And more.

Trimming Cannabis Trimmation - Before and After
Pruning the branch of cannabis - before (right) and after (left)

This method is called "Wet pruning"Wet Trimming refers to the most common way cannabis growers tend to prune their inflorescence before hanging to dry, but there is another technique to prune cannabis,Dry pruningDry Drying. In this method, cannabis is hung and dried before cutting.

Wet pruning:

The proponents of the dry pruning method claim that in this way the flowers dehydrate more slowly (due to a higher presence of leaves) and as a result the aroma and the final taste will be more pleasant with smoother combustion, but this method also has drawbacks: dry pruning time will be longer due to presence A lot of leaves that will stick to the flower, the longer drying time as stated, and an appearance that will look less good than wet pruning.

Dry pruning:

Automatic pruning machines

Especially large amounts of cannabis after harvesting will lead to a long and exhausting process of pruning, but in recent years special machines have been invented that do this automatically. Most of the famous pruning devices are designed for commercial scale growers (for example, the Cannabis Medical Farm or Cannabis stores in the United States) and therefore pricing accordingly (2000 or higher).

Here we will focus on relatively small and relatively simple devices that can do the job without rupturing the pocket (perhaps only to hurt him a bit):

Stand Up Trimmer - Twisted Trimmers

the standtrim

The Keirton pruning device is 65 and 13.5. After the flowers pass through the machine they will fall into a dedicated collection bag when they are pruning. One year warranty and six additional blades will be accepted upon purchase.

price: 450 $ On sales sites Online.
Similar models in the market:, Trimpro Plant Trimmer in 1 Automatic Trimmer 2, Ten Green Fingers Motorized Trimmer

Baby Trimmer

Sunflower baby trimmer

A device from the Czech company Sunflower that slightly resembles the "Stand Up Trimmer" from the previous section, but this device is almost half its size (35 cm compared to 65 cm, and weighs less than 10 kg compared to 13.5 K) C), which may be the reason for the nickname "Baby Trimer".

price: 5,900 NIS in the 'Hydrogarden'.
Similar models in the market: VREX Hydroponics Electric Leaf Trimmer

The Magic Trimmer

Magic trim

Unlike other automatic pruning devices, this device is relatively small (less than 30 cm) and quite easy (slightly more than 1 kg). The height and angle of the cut can be easily adjusted according to the tower's personal taste. The handset comes with a one year warranty.

price: 350 -450 $ $ On sales sites Online.
Similar models in the market: EZ TRIM Wander.


the trimr matic

Electrical pruning numbers that allow you to quickly trim the flowering frame. The rotation speed and pruning rate can be adjusted.

price: 300 $ On sales sites Online.
Similar models in the market: TRIM-DADDY Electric Power Trimmer.

Trimpro Unplugged

trimpro trimmer

Manual pruning device without electricity. It is operated by rotating a handle located at the top. The cutting speed is determined according to the rotation rate of the handle, and the cutter falls to the base of the instrument from where it is collected for further work and extraction.

price: 450 $ - 500 $ On sales sites Online.
Similar (and cheaper) models in the market: iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer, Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer, SpinPro Hand-Trim Leaf Trimmer

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