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Prof. Meshulam: CBD is a cure for diabetes - and should be legal

"It's a shame, because we miss something here," said Prof. Raphael Meshulam, a world cannabis expert, in a speech in Colorado, praising the unique component of cannabis that is not psychoactive but has important health properties. "10 years I'm waiting for clinical research, but it's an expensive matter," he added.

CanavidiolCBD), The component of cannabis that,THC Is not psychoactive and is considered to be of great medical benefit, Still set In Israel as a dangerous drug of the first degree, like any part of the cannabis plant.

as part Its many advantages (Anti-inflammatory, reduces anxiety, anti-nausea and vomiting and helps in the treatment of sleep problems), CBD has been described by Professor Rafael Meshulam, The THC and those who have been studying cannabis at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for decades,Ideal for treating schizophrenia".

This week, in a lecture given at the Institute for the Study of Cannabis at the University of Pueblo in Colorado, Meshulam repeated the praises of the unique component of schizophrenia and called for its use in the law because it is neither psychoactive nor toxic nor addictive.

Meshulam observed that in the future CBD will be a common drug, Mainly For type 1, the most common and chronic disease in childhood and adolescence. "There should be more research on the subject, but unfortunately nothing is happening right now," Meshulam said, adding that the reason for this is that clinical studies in the field are very expensive.

"I have been waiting for a pharmaceutical company or another large body to conduct a clinical study to examine the effects of CBD on diabetes," he said. "It's a pity that we are missing something here, I estimate that 10 type diabetes can be treated with CBD without any side effects at all."

"I believe that CBD should be removed from its current legal definition alongside heroin," he said. "It does not make sense. It's not toxic, it does not cause any addiction, so it has to get out of there. And the moment it comes out more people will use it, and I hope it will become a widespread and significant cure. "

In addition, Meshulam spoke of the importance of research on 'Entourage effect(The effect of all the components of the cannabis flower together), which is a formidable challenge for researchers trying to isolate the components of cannabis, characterize them and make their own 'recipes' with some but not all of the ingredients.

Before it becomes a real cure, CBD can be used As a food additive, As a medicine for animals andAs a component in cosmetics - and open up a whole global industry market estimated at many billions. In some European countries he has already been excluded from the drug command and in Switzerland, for example Can be purchased CBD cannabis flowers legally. Recently, this component has been defined both in the United States and in Britain as a medical material, which reduces the chances of its removal from the drug law in these countries.

In 2014 tried MK Chaim Katz Without success, to promote a bill to remove the CBD from the Narcotics Ordinance and at the beginning of the year Uploaded The subject is in the Knesset debate. These days,Green LeafTo promote a new bill to remove this component from the prohibition and separate it from the definition of cannabis in the Drugs Ordinance.

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