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Preparation of hash: 3 methods to make cannabis powder into solid hashish

If your grinder is also filled with trichomes (what you might mistakenly call 'stamens'), here are simple methods of compressing it into an excellent hash. Preparation of hash: a guide for beginners.

The term 'Keefe, Or 'kef powder', refers to the most basic and simplest extract (of The collection of extracts) That can be prepared from cannabis flowers - without the help of an external substance (eg butane or Water and ice), But simply by collecting the trichomes that were detached from the inflorescence and the leaves by means of dry sifting.

Preparation of hash: powder "Kef" in a jar
Powder "Keefe" in the jar prior to compression.

Trichomes (Stamens are the male reproductive organs of the plant) - are the tiny, sparkling bubbles that you see on your cannabis flowers and are filled with dozens and hundreds of cannabinoids and different transphants. Cannabis consumers who tend to shred their flowers by means of a multi-step greinder are probably familiar with the same trichums, which are called "kif" in slang, and accumulate in the lower part of the specimen.

Cannabis flower covered with truncations
Cannabis flower covered with truncations

Although this powder can be used directly, without the need for pre-processing or preparation of hashish (whether directly distributed on the hexa or as a combination in the preparation process Cannabis butter) - but many prefer to compress the material, whether for concentrated and more powerful consumption, or for clean and comfortable storage.

Here are three quick methods for preparing hash by compressing the powder surrounding a solid block:

1. Use a dedicated compression device

Pollen Presser has become very popular in recent years, mainly in the United States, and can be found in stores in a wide range of styles and prices that do not exceed NIS 100. Also, the devices that are considered more prestigious will not exceed the 300 range up to NIS 400.

Compresses of dedicated caif

Most of these instruments consist of a hollow metal roll to which the surround is poured. Then use a solid metal roll to compress the powder from the other side. Some of these 'compactors' come with tiny handles to improve grip and compression, and so it seems:

2. Construction of domestic pollen compresses

The act of compressing the pollen is a very simple technical operation, so there is no problem in improvising the local "pollen" from basic commodities in every home.

the ingredients:

  • Pen is broken
  • Pencil
  • Greinder
  • Piece of paper

Mode of operation:

  1. Unscrew the pen and remove the outer frame (note that there are not enough leftovers left).

    Preparation of compresses of home kite 1

  2. Pour the tricosum powder from the shredder into the paper, and gently pour the paper into the hollow pen.

    Preparation of compresses of home kite 2

  3. Stuff the circumference with the pencil.

    Preparation of compresses of home kite 3

  4. Release the piece. For health.

    Preparation of compresses of home kite 4

3. Cellophane paper and oven heating

This is already a familiar old school method, whose sources probably came from Arab countries, where it is still customary to prepare hashish through a similar process of compression and heating.

the ingredients:

  • Cellophane paper (you can use the transparent cover of a pack of cigarettes)
  • Newspaper
  • Scotch tape
  • Oven
  • rolling pin

Mode of operation:

  1. Pour the surround into the cellophane paper
  2. Manually squeeze the powder and seal the cellophane with adhesive tape
  3. Wrap everything with newspaper and close again with tape
  4. They run a stream of hot water in the sink and fill the paper with them
  5. Place the powder together with the paper and cellophane into a baking oven set to 170 degrees for 10 minutes.
  6. At the end of the heating, remove the piece and pass it with a rolling pin to compress it thoroughly.
  7. Place the piece in the refrigerator to cool and form. After waiting for the hour, the hashish is ready.

And so it seems:


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