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How to Build a European Cannabis Growing System

What is the difference between growing Cannabis hydro and growing euro cannabis, why people do it and how to make such a system with minimum effort. View:

Cannabis growers, who choose to use European breeding systems, enjoy one of the most advanced and efficient breeding techniques in the world. These systems can produce an impressive amount of crops while maintaining a rapid growth rate while ensuring significant savings in water and fertilizers.

Growing systems European countries Similar in principle to their operation systems Hydroponics In which the plant is permanently immersed in an aqueous aqueous solution, similarly For DWC systems Great for beginners. The difference is That in European systems the roots of the plant depend on air space and the solution of food and water is sprayed on the roots that are constantly free.

Basic equipment for building a European system

Although Aerofonica is considered to be an innovative and relatively advanced breeding method, its composition is quite simple, so that even those who are blessed with two left hands will succeed in the task without any difficulty.

A view from the main pipe.
A view from the main pipe. Europea

The vast majority of the accessories required for the construction of this system can be purchased at any hardware store, in regular nurseries or In hydroponic stores.

Raw materials

  • 6 pipe-length meter (with lid)
  • PVC pipe half-mile-long meter (with lid)
  • Watering connectors (as needed)
  • Sprayers ("sprinklers") 180 degrees (as needed)
  • Water pump (with pressure of 3 atmospheres)
  • Tub 30 liter (at least)
  • 25-meter (at least)
  • air pump
  • Air tube
  • Knockout (as needed)
  • Teflon paper
A hole for a potter in the main tube
A hole for a network potted in the main pipe

Auxiliary equipment for assembly

  • drilling machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood drill 4.5 mm
  • From a tap with a diameter of 5 mm
  • Drum cup 3 trough

the form of the work

1. Using a screwdriver, drill in the large tube (6), three holes with a diameter of 3 inches and 7 cm between hole and hole.

2. Place the small PVC pipe (half-length) parallel to the large pipe and mark the exact location where the holes will be drilled for the sprayers. Take into account previous holes drilled for potted plants.

3. Carefully drill holes marked with PVC pipe.

4. With a faucet, the inner part of the holes is taped to allow efficient spacing of the sprayer.

5. Screw the sprayer into the PVC pipe.

6. Seal one end of the PVC pipe (depending on the desired water flow direction).

Spraying system in operation.
Sprays in the European system in action.

Fixing the feed pipe to the main pipe

7. Two holes are drilled in the side of the large pipe (6) and two "knock-offs" (7 mm) are inserted.

8. Place the PVC pipe into the large tube and fix it with the help of the interior plasters.

9. The main pipe should now be placed on a table (or any other lifting device), insert the PVC pipe and fix it, and then proceed to arranging the irrigation reservoir.

The irrigation pool
The preparation of the irrigation pool for a European system is essentially no different from preparing an irrigation reservoir for most known hydroponics systems:

10. Take a tub of at least 30 liter.

11. Put the water pump in.

12. Using an 25 pipe connect the pump to the PVC pipe at the top of the system (adapters can be used if necessary).

Devices for measurement of acidity and electrical conductivity.
Devices for measurement of pH and conductivity.

As with other tumor systems, it is also recommended to use an air pump and an air hose to enrich the irrigation solution with oxygen, along with a circulating pump that will be placed at the bottom of the reservoir to generate constant movement in the irrigation solution. Assembling a filter (130 micron) at the top of the system will help prevent fillings.

Also, a European system requires the use of water quality control measures - PH (acidity) and EC (electrical conductivity).

Roots of whitewashing about two weeks old
Roots of whitewashing about two weeks old
Roots of whitewashing about a month.
Roots of whitewashing about a month.

Additional highlights:

- The water pump must be strong enough to supply a current that will be able to disperse properly by sprinklers (pressure of 3 atmospheres).
- It is of utmost importance that all connectors be stable and firmly anchored, otherwise there may be leaks and general improper operation of the system.
- It is best not to use a Swedish key or pipe key during the threading and connections due to the sensitivity of the pipes (especially the PVC pipe).

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