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Amsterdam Guide to the Picky Canavist: Lechola's Cupishops Map

Hala Ray eliminated 4 rolling paper meters in Amsterdam, and returned to Israel with the complete guide to the cannabis who is no longer satisfied with the smallest, the most recommended cupcops map, the list of unrivaled varieties and of course - tips and recommendations for dealing with a sharp manch. What must be done What can not be done, all divided into regions.

By: Hela Ray

Two weeks after my previous vacation in Amsterdam, a personal crisis had occurred in my life, which caused all good memories to be erased in a moment. I have booked my current vacation with the clear goal of getting back, and as much as possible. The sub-goals were to forget some of my terrible times, to succeed in smiling and laughing with all my heart, to relax a little from the madness and the pressure, and perhaps to bring back a kilo or two of the ten I had shed since the mess began. So I stocked up with a good company like Wade and I flew to the Holy City of Amsterdam to try as many varieties as possible and to munch. The task as you will read later, has been successfully completed.

In recent years it seems that Israeli cannabis consumer has improved. We have learned to appreciate quality growth, drying and taste, thanks to the domestic growth that has become a common hobby due to the closure of borders to smuggle cannabis. The fact that Israelis fly abroad en masse, and many experience quality vegetables in the US, England, Spain or the Netherlands, is also contributing to the issue. ToThe online trade revolution There is, of course, a part of this. The options facing the consumer living in the center of the country have now expanded from choice between hashish / indica / sativa to choose between different varieties offered by the dealers: Mango Hayes, Blue Dream or Super Silver Hayes. So most of us are no longer satisfied withHe is deaf, Standards have risen, and one can hope and believe that the supply in the local market will soon adapt itself for consumers who are no longer willing to pay NIS 100 for a medium flower.

Welcome to Amsterdam

So I'm not pretending to be one of the experts who can clearly identify the smell of a white widow or Lemon Hayes, but I certainly define myself as a conservative about Wade that I smoke. I enjoy exploring the flower well, the pruning, the moisture. One of the great pleasures is to Lexus a fresh flower in the Grinder, open the lid and breathe into the nostrils the smells the flower spreads when it opens. I close my eyes and try to identify the different flavors. Just as people look at good wine, its aging, curiosities, the year of vintage and the accompanying aromas - so I think the cannabis flowers should be treated. That's why I called this column 'The Beginner's Picky Beginner's Guide'. I do not think I know everything, even if you are always curious to learn more, so take into account the inaccuracies sometimes in identifying the flavors.

Welcome to Amsterdam

While it is not Stellani to plan things in advance, but let me explain to you why this will make your vacation in Amsterdam much more successful.

Amsterdam, Stellen's blow to the world since the 70, is a big tourist trap. The city is full of temptations of all kinds. In every direction you turn from Dam Square you will encounter souvenir shops with an impressive selection of bangles, clippers and other colored mummies that will attract you at least on first visits like mosquitoes. And then, at the moment of the nurses, you discover that you paid for 9 for every clipper, and that Granny's magnet cost you NIS 15.

Dam square. Here, somehow, all roads lead in the end

Or if you crave a juicy steak, the eye is drawn to one of the dozens of red signs glittering with the inscription "Steakhouse" or "Argentinian Restaurant". And you enter only to find out that the Gaucho does not answer Jorge but Khaled, and that the crew is made up of Palestinians whose grandfather was once expelled from some village we conquered. Then you eat movies all the meal they give you hostile looks, and there's a good situation to be spit in a salad. And the steak is mediocre at best.

And this is without talking about the kiosks that sell a crazy variety of desserts that will take your eyes out of the holes: juicy muffins, rainbow macaroni, giant jars of Nutella, Chorros, Belgian waffles laden with whipped cream and strawberries. Then you fly on it, and buy a beautiful muffin, only to find that he must have been standing at the window for a couple of days and his texture is crumbling with dryness, a bit like your mouth after the last joint.

And what will we say about the cupishops? Who did not fall on his first visit to Amsterdam in the Bulldog and paid an exorbitant price for medium-sized flowers? Have you been convinced yet? So come on, get out diaries and start writing.

Macaroni for the masses - it is unclear whether they are tasty

The first important tip in order not to get stuck just among the canals in Amsterdam in an attempt to roam from one good copship to another is to download an offline map of Google Maps. In the app you enter the menu and download the map of the city so that it is available on the device even without an internet connection. It's a good idea to search the map for points of interest in advance, so they are also accessible to you on-line, and you can navigate directly through the GPS on your device.

And to save you the job, I even made a beautiful colored map. You can save it, and add points of interest for you to choose from. For full details on the map's kopecks, scroll down:

General tips: Flights and accommodation

So let's start at the beginning. Cheap flights to Amsterdam can be found through companies Transavia and-Easy Jet Which operates several direct flights a week. If you book a few months in advance, and if you are a little flexible on dates, you can close a round-trip ticket at a funny price of 600-700. Keep in mind that the cost of adding a suitcase stands at several tens of euros.

The most expensive expense on vacation is probably accommodation. It is hard to find a room in an attractive hotel or apartment in the city center for less than 100 euros a night. If you move away from the center, you can also find the 80-90 for Euros, but add cheap public transport costs to the city center and back every day. For smokers it is highly recommended to look for an apartment or a hotel with a balcony. Pay a little more if you need it, it's worth it. Otherwise you will find yourself dressing in a million layers just to make a good night's eats in the cold of the street.

Apartment can be ordered through the site of Israelis called Great Or through a website airBnB Seller. Please note that recently a few people were stoned through the site, so be sure to book only an apartment with many good reviews and detailed and never be tempted to pay not directly through the site itself.

The recommended cupcakes of hala

I will start by saying, this guide is not intended for novice smokers. That is, you will certainly find some good recommendations, but the species surveyed are among the strongest in Amsterdam today. If you are a novice smoker, try the finer things in the mentioned cupishops and peep In the Amsterdam beginners guide.

For convenience, as you can see on the map, I arranged the coupons according to the places where they are located. This will help you check which recommended coupons are available in each area you will arrive in Amsterdam.

City Center, Central Station, Dam Square

Dam square

We'll start from downtown, where most tourists get stuck, and it's a pity. It's too crowded for me and blown up with tourist traps. But you will reach it at some point or another, and here are recommendations if you are already there.

Prix ​​dAmi
The Frei-Dami is located in an alley between Central Station and Dam. On our previous visit to the city we purchased a Super Silver Haze made of very high quality and made Stella happy and lifting. This is one of the city's biggest copes and you have three floors with seating and you agree to stare at them. Personally, I prefer fewer places, but young people, or those who travel alone and want to meet people from all over the world, may find a suitable atmosphere here.

Cafe 420
'420 Café' is located on an alley that leaves Nieuwendijk shopping street. On the previous visit we tried a Nepali hashish which was soft, black, and very thick. Nice atmosphere, but not something I would necessarily have gone for especially.

Abraxas is located in one of the alleys in the central bus station and is considered one of the most recommended places by Israelis. So I went to check on what the fuss was and admitted, I did not understand what the enthusiasm was. Medium-sized kopishop, with some modern design and towering service. The place was empty when we arrived in the morning. A gram of Hawaiian Haze cost us 15.5 Euro, and was disappointing. A flower trimmed with amateurish and moist texture. We smoked much more successfully than we did before.

Dampkring Original
The original Damfkring is a kopishop with about thirty seats, which was a bit choked when we arrived. He has an impressive selection of varieties on the menu and did not require us to buy a drink to sit and smoke as you would in other places. In general, we came here because at Dampkring 2 the G13 was over, and I hoped they would be. But it turns out that the places are under different ownership and only the name is similar. So I bought an ounce of AG13 instead. The flower had a distinct sativa structure, with brown hairs jumping in all directions. It was a relatively strong Hayes, which caused thoughts to wander. The taste and smell were less impressive.

The original Dempkring. It was a little crowded when we arrived
Sativa is hairy from the original Dempkring

Manch in the area
As mentioned, do not fall into tourist traps in the Dam area. For a quick meal go to KFC. Now listen to me. They left you with their wings, because the real thing is the Fillet Bites, which are tiny, neat nuggets that you will never eat in Israel. Hoping that you would find a crisp discovery that the seller had not shown flexibility when I complained that they were too pale.

On this occasion, a crisp came out

Many Israelis also recommend the ChorusRene's Croissanterie, And indeed, there is a queue at the entrance and the place is open until the wee hours of the night. My friend was less enthusiastic about the fried candy, too heavy in her oil, and unfortunately the cone found its way to the nearest tin after a bite or two.

De pijp: Rembrandt Square, Albert Kuip Market, Heineken Museum


This neighborhood was built in the nineteenth century, and the old and crooked houses have a special charm. Vintage lovers and second hand clothes will find some interesting shops here. You can also visit the Albert Kuip market which operates 6 days a week and offers besides vegetables, fruits and stink of fish, also souvenirs at relatively attractive prices to the city center.

'Katsu' is the cupcup where we encountered the most fluid and friendly service. A cool girl with piercing and tattoos smiled at us, explained at length about the menu, and even wanted to polish the bang for us (which was fairly clean in our terms). She even let me choose my favorite Goody's Bag from 4 bags of Mango Hayes!

In the living room of Katsu - a great atmosphere and wonderful service

Other advantages of the place besides the service: Proizur for the use of customers, outdoor seating and proximity to a park that can be enjoyed at sunset. And the beautiful colored toilet! The rest of the design looked like it had been stuck somewhere in the eighties with pictures of the great Rokertzars of the seventies decorating the walls, and faded hits from several decades playing in the background.

The menu in Katsu is correct for 2017

And in our case. Buy two varieties instead: Mango Haze and Black Widow Haze. Well friends, the black widow is not a sucker at all. Unlike her old and popular friend, White Widow, which gives a calm and balanced effect, this lady does some black magic on your brain. Something psychedelic, not recommended for people with a tendency to movies. It made the cheeks and joints a little intermittent. She smelled sour / spicy.

From the Katsu. A black widow, not a sucker at all

Mango Hayes was much more friendly. He had the smell of mangoes and a good taste, but the effect was not among the strong.

Manch in the area
Close to Kato there is a pretty good Burgeria called The Butcher. In addition to a chubby and juicy burger, it also serves Belgian fries Extra Crunchy.

There are also seafood restaurants in the area as well the Avocado Show - avocado show, if you are in the matter of trying all sorts of gourmet variations on a different kind of green.

The red windows

An area I do not like to hang around, nor did I find a cupcup that really deserves recommendation. But if you're already there and are looking for a quality yacht, it's worth walking a little to the Waterlooplein area. In the square there is a market not too large of second-hand clothes and other realities.

Boerejongens Center
Boryhungens, the impossible-to-get-over-the-name cupcake that has been praised by experienced smokers from around the world, including Sandak Round the tasting varieties His last here three months ago. This is a different acquisition experience than anything you will see in Amsterdam. Dressed in white doctor's robes, or in button-down shirts with bow tie. Behind a large counter are shelves with glass jars full of good. The prices are very friendly, most of the varieties do not cost more than 12 per euro, but take into account that it is mainly a buy for Take Away. The sellers will probably send you to the Rockies' branch across the Channel, we preferred to move on.

In fact, I was sure that I would encounter the best people on vacation, but even though each of the flowers I bought here was of very high quality, nothing really knocked me off the chair. At this branch I purchased Pineapple Haze, Amazing Haze and Super Silver Strawberry.

Super Strawberry Silver Fragrant from Buryongens

The pineapple was a favorite, but as Simon Cowell used to say in a British accent 'forgettable'. The Eming Hayes came in the form of a tiny flower and a compressed writer. The smell was good, but less felt in smoking. The effect: fun, positive thoughts, fanaticism. The SSS came in the form of beautiful flowers, and had a sweet and fun taste in the mouth. The stella was a joy, but it was not among the strong varieties that smoked.

A round, pineapple heap of burghongs

Greenhouse Namaste
Green House Namaste sits not far from Rembrandt Square, and is one of the largest concentration centers in the city, since it is a nice little kopishup from the Grihenhaus Famous. This is a network of second-rate kopishops, probably only for the Bulldog. There are more and less crowded branches, and this branch of theirs, along with a friend on Harlem Street, is my favorite. It does not have a lot of seating, and the atmosphere is calm. The design is interesting and relatively overpriced, as befits Grynhaus. The flowers are of very good quality, even if the prices are outrageous. Sorry, but a gram of vegetable does not have to cost 18 Euro even if you call Greenhouse and you won several prizes.

Green House Namaste

Before I went on a trip, I received a recommendation from a member of the excellent facebook group 'Amsterdam and Wave"About the New York City Diesel network. I asked for recommendations on varieties with a fruity and sweet taste as I like, and he promised I would not be disappointed. And this, friends, is Amsterdam's most delicious yacht at the moment. A dominant scent of berries that lingers on the tongue even when smoking a joint, and is even noticeable in the head of the bang. The effect is Clear High, a clean satin. The feeling is fixed, the eyes open, creative thoughts surround you and there is a desire to go out and do things. Definitely one of my favorite varieties.

Manch in the area
New York Pizza: A network of pizzerias spread throughout the city. American style pizza with medium dough, sweet sauce and cheese that comes with extra oil on the house. But it closes the corner. And you can buy by triangles and not wait until they have made you a whole pizza. And this is something you can appreciate when the manch is cruel and time goes on like an eternity. There is a branch in the direction of the Dam which is open until 3 in the early morning, and the pizza is not bad overall.

Super Albert Hein: In almost every corner of the city you will encounter the white logo against the light blue of the Albert Heijn network. A short trip to the supermarket will allow you to have a cold drink at sane prices, fresh pastries, equal chocolates at prices that break the duty free and even a box of fresh pineapples cut in a box for only two euros!

Leidesplein Leidseplein and the Flower Market

I'm a Wade girl, not alcohol, so I've never been attracted to the pub culture that characterizes the Lidsplein area. But if you want to sit in a beer and chaser and eat ribs as you can at a funny price while you stare at football or passersby, this is the place.

This time our apartment was relatively close to Leidseplein, an area that, since my first time in Amsterdam at the age of 21, I did not bother to visit, deliberately. I used to sit there in the Bulldog and the Rockies if I remember correctly. This time I searched for recommendations in advance. All in all, I visited three kopishops in the area, none of them amazing. If you want to be pampered, it's worth walking a few minutes on foot and reaching the Gray Area or the 1e Hulp which will be expanded later.

Dolphins is one of the most recommended cakes by Israelis. Again I did not understand the enthusiasm. True, it's right next to the crowd-friendly De Claus restaurant, and the design is stunning and gives you the feeling that you're sitting in the aquarium, and sometimes breaks into involuntary singing under the sea, but ally. the service. When you talk about the poor service in the Copishops in Amsterdam, that's probably what you mean. You do not mix tobacco if you sit on the top floor and send it to the dungeon at the bottom of the stairs. If you still want to spice up with a little tobacco The Puff. As well as a clear wrinkle when you want to open a bag that was not bought there.

The advantage I found in Dolphins is the variety of wafers you can lend for a deposit of 10 Euro. The seller will be happy to explain to you in a speech of self-importance about how to use the device. And do not try to smoke hashish or green that you did not buy from them. The hashish turns out, can destroy the device, and the material from other places is not organic enough and "may contaminate our devices." This was stated in Hayyat. Great, understanding the rationale. But there is also a limit to my paranoia.

Anyway, at Dolphins we bought a gram of Royal Dolphin Sativa for Euro 13. It came in the form of a thin, light brown adhesive. We smoked it with a clean half ounce of Green Medic from the Burghyungens, according to the rules of the place, and indeed we got a Hashishi boom off thoughts. I understood that others recommended their Tesla, so maybe it's worth it for you to try too.

Royal Dolphin hashish

Must be a good indication of the experience of Evoe Bofrorizer. As one who enjoys the reasons, the difference between evaporation and smoking can not be described. When I first inhaled from the toaster, I was struck by the sharpness and richness of the flavors. So, if you have a chance, strongly recommend.

Easy Times
Easy Times is one of the names I can easily forget for some reason. But I read hot recommendations in a group of English stalwarts and wrote down my diary to try. It was our first evening in the city, and we were looking for a good indica to be crushed with it, and some more to open the next morning with him. I chose the vine of Kosher Kush, which on our previous visit to the city was one of the favorites. And Strawberry Haze.

The place itself was too noisy for me. There are about 30 seats, and DJ who played contemporary music in the Lev (it was Saturday night, which is like Friday night in Israel). After a tiring flight it was too tough for me, so we rolled Johnny Kosher and we set off. No doubt it was one of the more delicious flowers we smoked on this visit, and in Amsterdam at all. The flower itself was a bit too airy, but the refreshing and unique taste is definitely worth a taste. The stella was less squashed than we expected. Nevertheless, the Dumping 2 plotter set a high threshold to impossible at the time (unfortunately, there is currently no stock in their possession).

Strobe Hayes Debicky of the Times

The Strobe came in the shape of a beautiful, sticky flower, which also stuck to the Grinder and spread a strong aroma of strawberries after a few rounds. Unfortunately, the smoking of taste was not felt so much. As a hint of his name, I expected an uplifting Sativa, but the effect was somewhat crushed, with eyelids becoming heavy in the early morning.

We arrived at the XTUM XTUMNET by accident, after wandering around the flower market and looking for a place to taste the sweets from Bureyongens. Advantages: Lots of seating, watching and streaming music, no-pressure service and no obligation to buy drinks. The disadvantages are a medium wade and a whole shelf of filthy bangs for the customers' use.

In order for us to sit down, I bought from the NYC Diesel menu, in order to compare it to the Grihan's. Definitely affordable price of EUR 12. A dandy and reddish flower, but the taste does not come close to the Gingerhaus sweet candy. It was a great stopping point that made it possible to roll 4-5 joints into the road.

A hot-looking redhead from the 1, the Gartenhaus, is much more delicious

And on this occasion, I highly recommend rolling yourself in advance, so you can sit down to smoke alongside ditches or parks without fighting the elements (well, a bit of wind and maybe a little rain), and without being obliged to go every two hours to a coppice to roll a joint, You buy another bag even though you already have 5 in your bag, and another drink, because you have to, even if you carry a bottle of water in the bag from the morning and you just unloaded a smoothie.

We arrived by mistake, it was actually nice to sit down

Manch in the area

Cafe De Klos
The Cafe de Claus restaurant is right next to the Dolphins and has already been recommended in a godfather tour. So I'll just add my two cents. I really liked the light atmosphere and cynical humor of the staff. Their garlic butter, which comes with the bread and the baked potato, is pure pleasure. Their famous dish is Ribs. We took steaks: fillet, and entrecote. Listen, Amsterdam is definitely not bad steak. But I ate in Israel much better. Still adding it as a recommendation, because it's in the area, and also because I have not eaten a steak that is more delicious than that in Amsterdam so far.

Garlic butter with the bread, with the potatoes and, thank God, for the steak, the Cafe de Claus, Amsterdam

Gray Area
If you're in the Leidseplein area and want to get a quality cupcakes, you'll have to walk about ten minutes to Gray Aria. Look for the single canal, and parallel it towards the Jordan. A side alley called the Oude Lelyestraat is home to the Takey Takeaway temple of Stellen Amsterdam. This is a tiny place, which almost always takes a long line. Wait a few minutes patiently, their vid is worth it. Also note that the place is open only between 11 in the morning and 20: 00 in the evening, so plan your visit accordingly.

The walls of the Gray Aria are decorated with millions of stickers and notes left by previous visitors. Rap music and strong R & B comes from the speakers, and the bartenders, in their hats, will give you a quick and professional service. Almost all the flowers I got there were very high. Prices are not the cheapest, but as mentioned it's worth it.

Last time in Amsterdam I tried the Exodus Cheese that still exists in the menu. I remember he had a spicy taste, and it was not pleasant to smoke. Something like black pepper on the tongue. And the one who had squeezed me down, and fell asleep on the bus to the apartment. Unfortunately, because of this experience, I did not try more varieties of Chase because I thought it was their taste. Luckily I tasted again.

By the time we arrived it was afternoon, and we were looking for an indica that would be suitable for the evening hours. Of course I did not resist the temptation, and although I already had several bags in my bag, I bought two varieties in one place: Gorilla Glue #4 and Strawberry Banana Kush according to 15 and 16 per gram. About the gorilla I read many reviews of well-informed Britons. And indeed, there was a flower full of crumbs, crisp and beautiful. I do not know whether I smoked too much that day (probably yes), but I do not remember that there was an extraordinary super-influence or dominant taste.

From the Ari. An atmosphere of praise for bananas

The Banana Strawberry was totally Nammy Nam! It really tastes like a banana, which also keeps smoking. Stella begins with laughter and an air of praise for bananas wherever they are, and moves to her lower jaw.

Manch in the area

The Gourmet Pie: Before or after the visit to Gray Aria, or perhaps as a dessert after the Cafe de Claus, you have to go to the little shop called Van Stapele Koekmakerij. There are no words to describe the pleasure of chewing this perfect cookie. In the little shop they make only one product: a chocolate chip cookie filled with white cream, which will also make atheists among you believe that there is a God, and he who passed the recipe to the Dutch. The cookie is so soft and melted in the mouth that my friend, who does not like cookies, also demanded that I buy an 6 package of cookies to sweeten my return to Israel.


The wet dream of many stalinists is the restoration of a kopishup in the center of Wondelpark, which will enable you to purchase a quality yacht with which you can stroll through the magical park. I did not find such a kopishop, but not far from the Hondalpark is the 1e Hulp, and on the other side of the park is the western branch of the Borhighungs.

Wonderland Wondelpark. Duty to visit

1e Help
Just a 15-minute walk from Leidseplein and the Wondelpark, there is a wonderful kopishup that serves well-informed locals and tourists who do not find it too difficult to navigate. The first time we tried to reach him, we bragged through the alleys of the Jordan for an hour and a half. The application of measuring the steps on my friend's phone almost collapsed that day, when it turned out that we had walked about 30 kilometers. So yes, this comfortable shoes is mandatory in Amsterdam.

And the main reason to go so far to '1 HOLP' is that it is probably the only place in Amsterdam that holds the 'moon stones' menu, or Moon Rocks regularly. whom Who does not know, It is a dense cannabis flower, covered with woks or dipped in hash oil and coated with 'fun' powder made from the flower's complexities. Grams cost EUR 40, and have different sizes of stones. The recommended way to smoke is on a device or a pip, or as crumbs in a joint. But try not to mess with your hands too much so as not to hurt the quality of the material, and certainly not to chop the Grinder. It is also advisable not to smoke from it on the morning, or at the beginning of your vacation. This is about 50 of THC, and the likelihood that you will crush and not really feel "regular" flowers is higher.

Moon stones what 1 island hollp

Apart from the 'Mon Rock', we have also been equipped with London City Diesel's Gram Sativa and the Lemon Bubble. London City Diesel came relatively from crumb and crunchy. I had the smell of cheese and I had pines. His effect was cheerful and uplifting, but the taste was not dominant in smoking. Halmon in mourning, though his name was blown, was one of the more moderate flowers smoked on the trip, and there is no significant smell or experience.

Nice seats, and Stella's house cat

Aside from the fact that they have moonstones and high quality flowers, the 1 HOLP is also pleasantly decorated. Arches adorn the entrance to the upper and lower smoking room, and the overall design reminded me of a smoking room in Morocco or Turkey. The service was perfectly reasonable. The music is good, and this is one of the places where we enjoyed sitting for more than an hour, which is rare in the Amsterdam kopishops, sometimes giving us the feeling that their goal is to smuggle customers after a short time.

Borejongens West
The West (West) branch of the Burhighungs network is for Take Away only, and the audience that was present when we arrived was largely composed of locals. We bought two types: Super Silver G13 and Indica of Green Medic, a local hybrid recommended by the seller.

Borejongens' G13

When I hear G13, my auto continually rises. This is my favorite species, and I'll talk about that later. The flower we received from the Borgheungens was beautiful, sticky to the touch and very compact. His influence was certainly stimulating and fun, and I found myself talking to the Moroccan-Dutch for almost an hour about everything but politics.

The flower of the Green Medic was beautiful as well. He had a fresh smell, which was a bit reminiscent of the knot from the first evening. I got a taste of it in the veforizer, and it had a really great taste with lime touches. And the effect is certainly crushed as expected from the indica.

Manch in the area

Are you in a group of hungry people and everyone else has something else? Are you people who like to try new foods? Food Hallen It's the place for you! The food market is covered in the style of the Sharona Market in Tel Aviv (it seems to me, I've never been). You will find burgers from the Butcher, pizza and Italian focaccia, seafood, falafel and shawarma (do not expect country flavors), Mexican and also more exotic and less recognizable dishes.

In Pod Allen each can find something to eat

Jordaan Yordan

Even after four visits to Amsterdam, Jordaan is my favorite area, and somehow I always find myself returning to the corner of Singel and Haarlemstraat and continuing onto Harlem Street. It is not as crowded as the city center, and it has an eclectic variety of shops that just want to look at their shops and try to figure out what they are selling. And, of course, the crowning glory of the street: three Kopishops are excellent at a distance of about 300 one meter from the Barneys, Grynhaus and Hempfring 2.

The continuation of Harlem Street. Sunset time

Bernese is known as a company that develops its own varieties, similar to Greenehaus, and they have a wide and stable selection of varieties, not of bad quality at all. Prices are not very cheap, but the service is courteous, and the sellers will be happy to tell you at length about each of the species, their growing conditions and influences. Another advantage of the place is that it is already open at 7 in the morning (for those of you landing on a night flight), and that it offers vaporizers Volcano For your use.


Last time in Bernese we tried two types: the Tangerine Dream and a clean joint from the Liberty Hayes. They were both nice, but not the most explosive. This time, it was our last night in town, and we came to arm ourselves with an indica that would pass us the time until the flight. Two varieties were purchased: Vanilla Kush and Blue Cheese.

Lonilla did have a sweet taste in the first puff, but the taste did not survive the aftertaste. The Blue Chase had a nice cheesy smell, but I smelled stronger chizzas. The effect of both was good and calming, but as noted, there are stronger strains.

Greenhouse United
United Branch Green House is a bit more crowded than the Namaste branch. But if you find a place to spare, enjoy an elaborate design, and a floor aquarium that I actually experienced passing over or just watching. Last time we tasted the Super Lemon Haze, the flagship of the network, winning many awards.

Hieroglyphics on the wall, an aquarium under the floor, and the smell of a good wade in the air

Lemon Hays has a refreshing lemony flavor, and the stella he makes is full of smiles and good luck. We also purchased another ounce of the New York Diesel that is remembered for good, and at this branch is not disappointed.

A beautiful flower filled with truncations by Super Lemon Hayes

Dampkring 2
Last but not least, my favorite place in Amsterdam is at the moment of writing. We discovered the "Dampkring 2" on our second visit to the city, and since then we have not been able to return. Make no mistake, the service is tough, and they will not hesitate to shout at you rudely if you accidentally enter a hat or forget the tobacco on the table for a moment. But as long as you stick to these two rules, you are guaranteed a Wade experience at other levels, and a modern kopishop with good music, and quite a few seats, plus a few of the ones that look out on the street and become our permanent spot every night until the place is closed and expelled from the 1 At night.

Dampkring in the morning, it's a great habit, but with G13, speech gets confused

Another disadvantage of the place, or is it an advantage, is the relatively high turnover of varieties. The menu is renewed every week or so, and you will not find the varieties you liked there in the past. This is because, as many of you may know, cannabis growth in the Netherlands illegal And the cafes depend on an unstable and unstable supply of varieties. However, most of the quality there is high, and the less powerful things I smoked there were very successful in relation to falls in unfamiliar cupcakes.

On the first evening I bought two varieties of indica: Kushberry and Candy Pineapple Kush. And, of course, a gram of our favorite from our previous visits: G13 / Amnesia is our favorite. This time, too, he kept his place in the top of the table as the favorite of the girls' Sativa.

From Hempfring 2. The girls also liked this round in Amsterdam

It's the funniest thing we've ever done in Amsterdam. Great taste, but the effect is the thing: the eyes open, the thoughts dissipate, the meaningless giggles catch your stomach in convulsions of pain from muscles you did not know existed. You feel that your heart opens up and is flooded with happiness. I felt the music coming from the back of my head, climbing up the back of my neck, while the murmur of people in the room became meaningless. I have not felt such a Stella since my first yachts somewhere in late 20 age.

The Kushbury and the Annes Kush were nice too, but not necessarily something I'd come back to buy. As mentioned above, we plowed on the 2 Dump. Among other things, we tried AK OG Kush, which was moderately flavored and especially made us tired and Cookie Kush with a delicate taste of cookie dough. I got a taste of more delicious cookies:

From 2. There are more tasty tastes. And kosher

The Super Lemon Haze, which came in the shape of a beautiful flower, and I opened a whole gram with moon crumbs at the airport before returning home, was excellent, though I liked the garnhouse more.

The writer Lemon Hayes has a sturdy and impressive structure. The effect was great too

We also tried a clean joint of Tangerine Kush, with a light citrus flavor, which gives a crushing boom to the head. 7 EUR It's not a cheap price, but for those who do not know how to roll alone, it's a tasty option.

Dempkring 2

The Jorge's Diamonds Haze came in the form of an airy flower, with brown hair laden with trinkets. There was no interesting smell from the outside, but after the Grinder cut, he gave out the interesting aromas of wood. There are other flavors I prefer, so it's not a breed I would buy again. But great of Hayes besides.

We would like to go to the experts from Hempfring 2 for this visit:

Somari: One of the strong subbes I smoked. Very not recommended for beginners and film predispositions. The flowers were not very beautiful looking, and the smell on the outside reminded me of a tree. Nothing prepared me for this crazy taste. Like a tangerine tingling on the tongue, a little spicy, but unique and wonderful! Causes of staring and blasts. Wandering thoughts. And if you are at a bad time, or prone to it, may cause anxiety, then treat it with respect.

Sumari-ninja hayes with a tart tangerine flavor

The second recommendation is the most delicious indica I have tried: Big Buddha Cheese: As I said before, I had a negative taste experience with the Exodus Chase, so I avoided anything that included cheese. In addition, I remembered that it was a smashed cruise and in Amsterdam I usually prefer Subbata that will make me want to travel all over the city. Friends, these are the best EUR 11 to invest. The dominant flavor of the cheese is felt in every inhalation. He also goes through the device. It is pleasant to smoke on your tongue. And the feeling - what fun! The feet are turning to the floor, the body is limp, the eyelids become heavy, a smile is smeared on the face and it is impossible to remove it. Her nose is the way her nose should be.

Big Buddha Chase - the King of the Intimacy for this visit

Manch in the area

Kasland is a cheese shop with a bakery in the street that smells tempting. Their cheese sticks, Kaas Stengels is a perfect morning snack.

De Pizza Bakkers
The Pizza Bakers is a small chain of pizzerias in Amsterdam. The nearest branch was farther down Haarlem Street, in the opposite direction from Dam. This is one of the most delicious pizza in town. It is open only between 5 and 10 in the evening, and offers Italian pizza with mozzarella cheese on crunchy dough baked in a dedicated oven.

Quality local pizza and tasty

Half-day trip outside the city

There are many things to do outside of Amsterdam. An amusement park for extreme enthusiasts (Wallybee or Afteling), the spectacular Kockenhof gardens that open for a few months of the year, the beautiful Cheetahorn built entirely on canals. But almost all of them require a relatively long ride, and a rather messy experience. A nice and not a heavy option is Zansa Sachans (or, as the Dutch call it, "Zanesha" or "Sachanesh").

Zaanse Schans

From the central station take a train towards Zandam, and only after 4 stops at Zaanse Schans. This is a town where some reconstructs life in the Netherlands a few hundred years ago. You can stroll through the canals and ancient buildings that show how farmers lived and engaged in everyday crafts. There is also a possibility to visit a windmill and a chocolate factory.

Zaanse Schans
A friend from another planet

Take a good yacht, and you'll find a quiet, childless corner to enjoy. and most importantly! Take chocolates from the city, preferably cookies from van Stapel. The local chocolate factory is located near the restored town, and every breeze brings a tantalizing wave of cocoa. Chinese torture to those who are in a severe manch and has no way of satisfying it.

A desperate attempt to satisfy the desire for chocolate in the form of pralines from the Atiz. Big No.

In conclusion, it is not easy to return to the chaos of the country. Outside the Schiphol airport I smoked the last Jonny Leon Hayes' last Johnny for this trip. As I took the smoke of the last puffs from my lungs, I closed my eyes, and asked the god of Huan, Stupel Cookie, to give me the strength to deal with the pressure I was expected to return. I also asked for patience and the ability to hold my head above the water until the processes that would allow me to move to a country that allows me to take care of myself with the best natural remedy I know are completed.

The return job completed successfully. At 103 NET HOURS in the Netherlands, I managed to taste as different 30 varieties, smoking more than 65 joints. We have gone to 32 ROLLING DOCUMENTS KING SIZING AND MORE 3 METERS OF RAW PAPER. I went up a kilo and a half (to the reader, the happy mother). I came back with a sense of deleted mind and missing cells, but peace in my heart. And here, 24 hours after landing, I've been able to write all this, so probably the damage is not irreversible.

Reminds you to smoke responsibly, to woo your limits, and always remember that orange juice or something sweet solves almost every complication of smoking too hard, even if you have not heard my advice.

So until the next time from Amsterdam, and hopefully then this column will become a weekly, however, there are varieties that change every few days and someone must update you all this good 🙂


Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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