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The popular cannabis varieties in Israel for 2016

This year thousands of seed packages from abroad also made their way to Israel. So what kind of cannabis species were the most sought after among Israeli growers?

More than five years have passed since the "big dryness" of the year 2010, and it seems that even though black market supply has returned to the series - the ridiculous price cannabis consumers are forced to make for a green gram is still in the 100 area and the north.

If we add to that, too Mitigating judgments It is not surprising that over the past year, tens of thousands of Israelis have chosen to stop financing their dealer and start growing cannabis at home.

The Israelis are no longer afraid

When looking at the list of popular cannabis species of the current year, one prominent feature is immediately discernible: previous years, In 2016 bought actually less Automatic varieties They are more common varieties with a longer life cycle. It is very possible that the reason for this is the relatively lenient trend of the courts in Israel against offenses of domestic growth, or alternatively, the general feeling in the air that the State of Israel is moving towards a historic course of non-incrimination.

In addition, the ordering of seeds to Israel, which is considered a criminal offense, has declined during the past year at the level of its danger, when Israeli growers find various methods of deceiving the enforcement authorities and making it difficult for them to stand trial:

The first method of acquiring anonymous seeds, which has gained momentum in the past year, is here Purchase a mailbox For less than NIS 100 and placing it independently at the point chosen by the tower. According to testimonies, fictitious details can be invented at the time of the order and are relatively safe when the shipment arrives at the destination.

The second method that was published this year is using an electronic mailbox service such as Site Boxit, Which enables the delivery of shipments from abroad directly to a personal box located at one of the distribution points spread throughout the country. In the above case, the customer is asked to enter ID details, but as long as they purchase an anonymous credit card from the post office, there is no problem to fabricate identifying details and still receive the seeds package without difficulty.

Grape seeds, seeds

The global cannabis seed industry also continued to evolve as expected, and if there were a few leading companies in the past, there are now plenty of Quality seed companies that provide Excellent service. However, like any industry, here too there are quite a few charlatans, so it is advisable to make sure to invite only companies with a reputation of safety and reliability in the shipment and the product itself.

Referral sites such as "Israsides"(Which presents a selection of Cannabis varieties in Hebrew), as well as Forum ordering seeds Here in the magazine, also contributed to the sense of security of the people living in Zion in everything related to the sensitive subject.

It should be noted that naturally, as in any illegal industry, it is not possible to obtain full and accurate data on the nature of seed orders arriving in Israel, and therefore we rely on weighting of data provided to us From four Leading and leading seed companies, which hold together a broad genetics store that covers almost all the cannabis species currently on the market.

Recall the popular species parade Last year (2015) won the first three varieties:

1. Cheese auto
2. White Widow Auto (White Widow Auto)
3. Northern Light Auto

Here are ten of the most popular varieties in Israel for 2016:

10.Zensation ("Sensation")

Zen sense

The Zenation, a word game from Sensation in English and Zen in meditation is a relatively new dominion of the market created by the Ministry of Cannabis, .

It has a fairly high THC percentage (20% -24%) and users who use it have a very strong 'Hey' feeling with a calming effect and even an anesthesia that lasts at least two hours. As a result of these properties, there are some who recommend this type for those suffering from stress, anxiety and sleep problems.

Genetics: Indica (unknown) x White (unknown)
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
נתונים: 24% THC

9. Big Bud ("Big Bud")

A big flower
Big Bud

A relatively long-lived species known for its high and stable crop yield. Although it is a hybrid species, the Big Bud has distinct characteristics of dominant indica, with a low-medium growth height and flowering time that often falls off the 8 weeks.

Beginner growers can definitely choose it as the first breeding option because it is a fairly durable species that is not susceptible to pests or diseases. In addition, it can be raised without difficulty both in raising the face under bulbs and in external cultivation (in the appropriate climatic conditions).

Genetics: Afghan x Northern Lights x Skunk #1
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
נתונים: 15% THC

8 Aurora Indica (Aurora Indica)

Aurora Inica

Another species of dominant indica, a hybrid product of the oldest varieties: Norhern Lights along with Afghan. The Auroroa remains low during growth and produces abundant sounds and dense flowers.

In addition, towards the end of the growth cycle, the Zen encapsulates itself in a rich layer of trichomes, from which you can prepare a deliciously tasty hash with a strong aroma and a color that approaches black.

Genetics: Northern Lights x Afghan
Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
נתונים: 17% - 20% THC

7. AK-48 ("AK 48")

Kalshnikov 48

A non-automatic strain that pretends to bloom in ideal conditions within a time period of 48 a day, although some breeders claim that it is best to leave it at least 50-55 per day. Although AK48 is a hybrid species, its psychoactive effect tends more towards sativa.

This is a particularly non-spoiled species, which comes in a face tumor to the height of 50 - 70 cm, and is considered suitable for growing the SOG method.

Genetics: Ice x Jock Horror
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
נתונים: 15% - 20% THC

6. Auto Blue Amnesia (Auto Blue Amnesia)

The only automatic entry to the list this year is the result of a pair of high-quality and popular varieties: the first is the familiar and beloved Belovrey, and the second is of course the "Amnesia" variety.

A single sperm can yield 80 - 100 in inflorescence, all at a time of less than 75 a day from sprouting to harvesting. As far as taste is concerned, Zen is a bit reminiscent of the taste of the boulevards.

Genetics: Blueberry x Amnesia x Ruderalis
Growing time from germination to harvesting: Day 75
נתונים: 18% - 20% THC

5. Barneys Farm - Cookies Kush

Cookie Cookies
Cookies Kush

Another combination of two fine Cannabis varieties: the legendary OG Kush along with a certain Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. The resulting result is a very powerful strain that is able to get off the day of the flowering of 60 a day, in addition to excellent taste reminiscent of cinnamon and sometimes even chocolate.

Genetics: OG Kus x Girl Scout Cookies
Flowering time: 55 - 60 day
נתונים: 20% + THC

4. Master Kush

Master Kush
Mr. Kush

The Master Kush is the result of a hybrid between two Indica species from India and Afghanistan, and many claim that during the smoking of his inflorescence tastes like the Indian charras.

It is relatively easy to grow and is highly resistant to diseases and pests. It has a psychoactive effect that on the one hand is reminiscent of the effect of indica on its intensity, but on the other hand it is less sedative and sticky to the couch.

Genetics: Hindu Kush X Skunk
Flowering time: Day 60
נתונים: 15% - 20% THC

3. Hay-z (hi-z)


A great breed for all kinds of hobbyists. A combination of two well-known "Hays": Super Silver Haze and Neville's Haze have created a particularly powerful Zen Sativa.

As is appropriate for Sativa dominant strains, the Hay-z species does not bloom for less than 9-10 for weeks, and in face growth it is recommended not to exaggerate its vegetative time (growth period) so as not to reach too large a plant in space, .

Genetics: Super Silver Haze x Neville's Haze
Flowering time: 9 - 10 weeks
נתונים: 23% THC

2. Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Northern Lights

The oldest and most popular "Old School" breed that made a name for itself in the Netherlands and quickly reached the cannabis growers and fans around the world. Pure Indica is highly prized by the abundance of trichomonas it produces, the short flowering time (45 - 55 a day), and its exceptional strength.

The breeding and development story of the species comes from the West, on the Seattle-Amsterdam line, but its genetics belongs to the East with "parents" apparently from the region of Thailand and Afghanistan.

Genetics: Indica (?) X Afghani
Flowering time: 50 - 60 day
נתונים: 20% THC

1. White Widow (White Widow)

white widow strain
White Widow

Perhaps the most popular variety in the world today - the most popular variety in the 90, "so it was a" must "on the menu of a self-respecting coffee shop.

The "white widow" species is considered superior cannabis not only because of its strong influence - it has a sweet and sweet fruity taste. It is ideal for indoor growth and is considered relatively durable relative to cold and mold. Toward the end of the growth process, the plant will be covered with a very large amount of resin, which is likely to have earned the species by its current name.

Genetics: Brazilian Sativa x hybrid from southern India
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
נתונים: 15% + THC

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