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The real LSD was extinct before 15 years; So what do you swallow?

Remember the crazy trip that opens up for you at a party in the summer after you chewed that bitter carton that a friend brought you? And that crazy psychedelic experience in the forest after the rare drop that society brought from somewhere? So what if they told you it was not at all LSD... would you still buy? opinion.

By: DX 'Shulgin,' guest writer

If you've been using LSD for the last decade, chances are it's a different material, or if you're lucky you've fallen into a real LSD but in its modern formula and formula Various From the original LSD.

The psychedelic substance known as LSD ("Acid") Was first discovered in 1938 by Dr. Albert Hoffman and succeeded in revolutionizing and shaping an entire culture for several decades. He went underground in the late 1980s, made a comeback in the early nineties and again went underground at the beginning of the millennium following a raid by law enforcement agencies on William Leonard Picard's laboratory, the man responsible for producing 90% of the world's real LSD at the time. From the DEA it was then reported that immediately after conception, 90% of the drug availability was felt worldwide.

Today many are convinced that they seem to consume the same molecule that Hoffman discovered in the last century. What they do not know is that LSD in its original form has not existed for more than 15 years and the drug they consume is at best a family member and / or Research chemicals Others poor quality at worst.

LSD: Facts and Myths

So how does it happen that a whole population of LSD consumers is not aware of what it puts in here? No, do not blame the dealer directly, he's sure he sells you a real LSD, because that's exactly what his source sold him, that the only thing that interests him is of course to sell as much as possible. As long as no one complains that they have sold him a counterfeit product, everyone is satisfied.

The truth is that LSD itself is not a complex material for production, but it does require special skill, laboratory equipment that costs a lot of money and access to material called "Argutamine"(Ergotamine) - in its purest form.

In order to achieve the same result as Hoffman, the main ingredient in the production process (Argutamine) must be as high as "pure" and can only be obtained through pharmaceutical companies legally. Ergutamine is supervised by the DEA and can not be ordered without special permission.

This constraint forced manufacturers to seek alternative sources of argotamine, and an entire industry began to purchase various components from pirated manufacturers in China. The materials that come from China are far from pure, which disrupts the entire production process of the product and achieves a completely different payoff.

"I think that the problem of underground chemists producing secret LSD is a lack of Argot, without which the synthesis of d-LSD-25 is impossible," he wrote Bruce Eisner Bruce Eisner, a subversive psychologist and author from the United States who died three years ago when he was 65.

"Until 1965, Argot could easily have been purchased from three or four European chemicals companies, but the pressure from Washington has put an end to this - certainly in the hope that this will bring the end of the LSD production," Eisner said in a detailed article. Much of the substance sold as pure LSD is actually methamphetamine or an ergotamine compound abstracted by modern molecular chemistry.

"In one sense, the federal authorities were right," he added. "The underground stopped producing d-LSD-25 and instead they discovered a completely synthetic material similar to the d-LSD-25. Of course, the new material 'worked', in the sense that every subconscious chemical 'works', but it does not seem to have created a particularly elated or heart-warming user among the users. "

The difference between the original LSD and the commonly used emulation

To describe the LSD experience in words is difficult to impossible as it is, so try to describe the differences between the original LSD and the synthetic or other imitations, no less difficult.

However, at least according to the estimates of those who have experienced both types, the original LSD can be attributed to various advantages including:

  • A trip is longer than a few microns.
  • Effect on the head only and not on the body.
  • Lack of flavor, as opposed to the bitterness of common imitations like nBOME
  • A positive after effect that lasts for a long time and without a feeling of 'Down' at the end of the experience.

Is a real LSD still exist?

The authors tell of one source in Switzerland that produces the original LSD, but not for making money. The same source produces a small amount every two years only to "preserve the original recipe." Half the quantity goes directly to the US and is divided among those who are close to the plate. The other half stayed in Switzerland. This source has no interest in the material being passed on or made commercial, so it remains under the radar.

The most common materials used to sell LSD in the form of liquids (drops), cardboard or crystal are 1P-LSD, AL-LAD, ALD-52 and of course all that is manufactured according to modern protocols not on the basis of Argot. Everyone Pointless And have similar effects, but also affect different receptors in the brain.

Even in the Dark Network, the DarkNet - and despite the promises and stories you will receive from distributors - all of them will sell you replacements. There are of course parties and surely there is no real LSD on the street. Or as Bruce Eisner writes at the end of his article:

"The psychedelic movement, which has been in a coma for 10 years, will remain dormant until people can achieve LSD at a well-known level of strength and purity. Until then, if you use LSD, chances are you will not take a real LSD. "

All these data indicate that the LSD in its original form is extinct and as long as the ergotamine remains inaccessible and other substances continue to flood the market at ridiculous prices, Hoffman's problematic child will remain buried in the depths.

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