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For the first time a majority in the Dutch parliament favor commercial cannabis growth

The liberal Netherlands, which today is considered one of the world's cannabis capitals, is not on the way to making another step towards legalization. A majority of the parliament is currently in favor of allowing commercial growth of cannabis. The goal is to enable quality control over the product sold in legal stores (Kupishops), which today purchase marijuana from illegal sources.

The legal cannabis shops operate in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities since 1976, but the products sold in a semi-legal and completely legitimate manner to the public are forced by the owners of kupishops illegally, since the cultivation of marijuana is still prohibited.

Now a bill on this issue exactly wins the first time a majority in the Dutch ParliamentLike the Italian parliament That too Doing these days In the Netherlands, it is hoped that the legalization of commercial marijuana growth will allow for control and control of the quality of the material supplied to consumers.

In addition, the move is expected to solve the gray area of ​​Dutch law that permits the sale of cannabis but prohibits its growth. This prohibition makes all kupishops' owners criminals and also Does not allow control and testing of the quality of the material and supervision of non-use of chemical pesticides.

Vera Bergkamp
Dutch Parliament Member Vera Bergkamp, ​​the initiator of the law to allow domestic cannabis growth: "will allow for battle and supervision, for public health"

"People today have no idea what they smoke," says Dutch MP Vera Bergkamp Representative of the D66 party and initiator of the bill. Bergkamp and her colleagues in the initiative signed most of the parliamentary parties on the proposal and managed to obtain a majority that would support it. "Today you can buy a wade but you can not raise it, which is wrong," she said. "Regulation will allow for quality control and crime reduction, and a high percentage of the public supports the position as well."

As stated, while now owners of Copicops to purchase the marijuana they sell from various sources and illegal without any quality control, the purpose of the proposal is to allow a legal increase in the license and supervision of the state. Although in about half a year there will be general elections in the Netherlands, parliamentarian Bergkamp hopes her proposal will be able to pass before that.

It should be noted that despite the relatively broad support in the Dutch parliament, the government looks a bit different. Dutch Minister of Justice Arad van der Stoer Refused to accept the Results of the study Who studied the Dutch cannabis policy and found that it was good. Van der Stoer said at the beginning of the year that there was no clear evidence that allowing domestic cannabis growth would reduce crime rates and that such a ban could encourage young people to adopt the hobby.

Recall in 2014 The Dutch Supreme Court was required to issue cannabis crops and refused to punish two marijuana growers seized with thousands of illegal plants grown for cannabis shops. The judge blamed the government's policy of incriminating the growers while allowing the sale of Copycops. "The court finds the defendants guilty, but they will not be punished," he stated at the time. A year earlier The court also slammed the government's decision to ban cannabis sales in stores in three provinces in southern Holland. The owners of the cupcakes claimed that this decision harmed their livelihood and won the trial.

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