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"This is a panacea": How can medical cannabis oil help Crohn's disease

"I felt great from one preacher," says Hannah Dagan, who suffers from Crohn's disease and is currently participating in a study being conducted in Israel to examine the properties of cannabis for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. More patients are now required for further research.

Recently, a comprehensive study was conducted at the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, which examines the ability of medical cannabis to serve as a complete treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's and colitis) and their various symptoms.

Hannah Dagan, A Crohn patient who is participating in the study, told us about the alternative and effective treatment that replaced her with the chemotherapy drugs. "It's a panacea, I already felt great," she says.


When she heard about the possibility of treating cannabis, she was initially afraid to stop taking prescription drugs: "Every time someone told me Cannabis, I said I would never take drugs," she says.

Despite the fears and after the drugs did not help her, Hanna joined the Tikkun Olam research and since then she has reported an amazing improvement in all the medical criteria, mainly since the beginning of the treatment She did not go back to the hospital.

Hannah Dagan, who is suffering from Crohn's disease and is being treated with medical cannabis
Hannah Dagan, who is suffering from Crohn's disease and is being treated with medical cannabis

"No bullet helped me, and I even suffered health damage," she says. "My hemoglobin and calcium levels went down and I was hospitalized for a month. Now I do not need to take pills. I only take cannabis, this is my medicine, and I continue to live a normal life. "

Patients are needed to continue the study

Dr Timna Naftali, A senior gastroenterologist who runs the study, said the study was designed to test and compare the results of cannabis treatment versus standard drugs used to treat such diseases.

Participants in the study consumed cannabis in an oil form containing a high concentration of CBD (based on the cannabis strain)Avidkel") Designed Fight inflammation itself And with a low concentration of THC to relieve pain and improve overall sensation during treatment.

After weighting the results, Dr. Naftali strives to conclude whether cannabis can be used as a recommended treatment for inflammatory bowel disease instead of CHEMICAL DRUGS.

The team is currently recruiting more patients to enter the current study. For full details and registration for the study, please contact Leahy, Tikkun Olam's research director at, or Li, the research director at Meir Hospital on 09-7471017.

This testimony of Hannah joins To a whole host of other testimonies Of Crohn's patients who report a significant improvement in their personal condition following treatment with medical cannabis. In fact according to research Which we published this week No less than92% Of patients with medical cannabis are satisfied with the treatment.

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