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Ups: 11 + essential products for growing Cannabis at home

What equipment do you need to grow a cannabis plant at home? The range of home-grown equipment is enormous, but for basic home-grown growth, one does not always have to exaggerate. So which products really need, how much they are supposed to cost and what you can give up - the complete guide.

Anyone who enters One of the growing stores Can immediately notice the abundance of products on the shelves, many of which are attractively designed and decorated with slogans and an inviting inscription that promises to do wonders in the growth room.

But the truth is that cannabis is a plant like any other plant, so there is no need for it Break savings box And return home loaded with unnecessary equipment just because we decided to raise a little ganja at home.

To answer one of the most common questions in the field - what equipment to grow cannabis at home - we have compiled a short and concise list of essential foundation products for Cannabis growth Under Bulbs:

1. The tumor cavity

Set Up: Growing space

The habitat of the plant in which it will pass almost its whole life cycle, is absolutely important. In principle all that is required is any engineering form that will be able to divide the area of ​​the tumor. For this reason many breeders choose to adopt an old wardrobe and make it converted into a growing closet.

On the other hand, if you have enough money to invest in your new hobby, you may simply prefer to purchase Growing tent Dedicated.

Price: 0 NIS (old converted closet) up to + 1,000 NIS (dedicated growth tent).

2. Growing bulb

Set Up: Lighting Kit

Growing bulb is undoubtedly the main player in the lineup. Raising cannabis under inexpensive or unsuitable bulbs will also result in slow growth and a disappointing crop.

The market can be found in a wide range of Custom growth bulbs Where the significant differences between them are expressed in the operational way (the technology by which the bulb operates - the GNP or the LED), the level of power consumption (bulbs are considered very efficient but also "devour" electricity compared to LED bulbs) and of course their initial cost.

Price: 570 NIS (Up to 250 + LED light bulbs).

3. pot

Set Up: Flowerpot

For an entire life cycle of cannabis (in the face tumor there is a time span of between 12 and 16 for approximately weeks) it is recommended to use a tool with a volume of Not less than 12 liter, Since the use of a smaller pot can cause the locking of roots and other problems that will damage the growth of the plant.

It is also important to note that the pot is sealed with light, with sufficient drainage holes (growing in a pot without drainage holes will cause the suffocation of the roots and the death of the plant), and of course it will be completely free of scraps, soil, paint or anything else.

Price: 0 (old color bucket) up to 18 NIS (designated pot xNUMX liter).

4. Growing mixture

Set Up: Growth Substrate

Another important parameter in the growth room will be the substrate on which the cannabis will grow: in principle this square can fill a regular bag of soil that can be purchased in every nursery, but since the cannabis roots love a slightly more airy environment, it is recommended that they include substances such as perlite, Or "Vermiculite" to make sure that the tumor is slightly more "breathing".

Price: 30 liter (normal 50 from the plant) up to 55 (ready mix in the hydroponics stores).

5. Fan

Set Up: Fan

When growing in a closed cabinet, it is important to always have air movement in space. A constant breeze will contribute to the strengthening of the roots (since these will have to cope "from an early age with moderate resistance and movements of the plant), as well as that the air in the leaf environment will be replaced all the time, which will help renew the supply of carbon dioxide to cannabis.

In addition to regular circulating space can also help in reducing the amount The Pests And to make it difficult for their livelihood and culture.

Price: 80 NIS (6 CLIP COOLER INCH) Up to 230 NIS (Industrial Fan 20 INCH).

6. Venta

Set Up: Venta

Further to the previous section, since this is a closed space, there is great importance in the air exchange in the environment. A lighted fan will ensure internal circulation - but as long as the cabinet (or tent) is closed, the airway is likely to be minimal if at all.

The ideal equipment for this task will of course be a bellows suitable for the volume of space, but if it is a relatively small place, it is quite possible to make do with a small "winta". Note that it is advisable to install two blowers / ventilators in the room - one for air inlet and one for the outlet - but many give up the installation of a bellows / vent for air intake and are careful only to cause the air to come out.

Price: 80 NIS (VENTA 4 INCH 95 MCH) Up to 400 NIS (Blower 4 INCH 160 MCH).

7. Carbon filter for filtering odors

Set Up: Carbon filter

Although this product has no direct impact on the rate of growth and the growth process itself, but unfortunately in the State of Israel enforcement agencies are still making arrests against Citizens who grow plants, And therefore it is of utmost importance to reduce the traces and blurring of any sign that cannabis is growing in the environment.

The market is spinning on mini Specialty products for odor neutralization, Some of them do it quite well, but there is no doubt that the charcoal filter is considered the most elementary equipment in the field.

Price: 70 NIS (self-assembled from activated carbon) - 420 NIS (professional carbon filter, 5 X, 300).

8. fertilizer

Set Up: Fertilizer

In any soil-based breeding mix, there is likely to be enough Nutrients Which will provide an answer for the entire plant breeding cycle of cannabis. Although There is no doubt that you added fertilizer Immediate feeding can significantly improve the rate of growth and final crop yield.

It is true that the various fertilizer companies offer a wide range of fertilizers for different uses, while in this list we focused on a limited fertilizer package that does not necessarily contain all the different additives.

Price: 160 NIS ("Mini" kit from "BioBiz") up to NISNUMX (a fuller set of BioNova).

Accessories - not mandatory, but worth

So far, we have listed in a concise list all the necessary equipment for effective breeding of cannabis at home. However, there are a few other auxiliary products that are not considered "mandatory" but will certainly affect the growth experience and the level of control over it.

9. Thermometer and Humidity

Set Up: Thermometer and humidity

These are two significant factors affecting the growth process and it is therefore very desirable to put a hand on them. They are available separately, but in most cases they are sold together on the same device.

Price: 55 (analog meter) up to 120 NIS (digital meter with 2 points).

10. Timer

Set Up: Analog Timer

Although this product could not fit into our "mandatory" list, there is no doubt that holding a timer (or "Sabbath clock") in the growth room is absolutely necessary for any grower who wants to schedule the hours of operation of the bulb or any other electrical device.

Price: 35 (analog timer) up to 150 (digital timer).


Set Up: Means of measurement

The fertilization procedure is fairly simple but at the same time requires some precision. Adding fertilizer to the irrigation solution without an effective measuring device can lead to serious mistakes that will cost dearly.

Price: 1 NIS ("3" pipette) - 10 (measuring container 100 cc).

What about hydroponics?

Many of the cannabis growers choose to do so by means of Hydroponic growth method. Naturally both soil growth and hydroponic growth are based on the same principles and therefore almost all of the aforementioned equipment will also be relevant for those who choose to grow a detached platform.

However, since the use of hydroponic systems requires a little more attention and precision in a few small details,

12. Reverse Osmosis System

Set Up: Reverse Osmosis

The quality of tap water in Israel varies from region to region, but in any case it is reasonable to assume that the water flowing through your home pipe contains a large number of salts which cannabis has no use. A reverse osmosis system filters out the same minerals and actually "reset" the water so that it is almost (almost) containing nothing but H2O.

Price: 800 NIS (reverse osmosis system with three filters and membrane).

13. Electrical conductivity meter

Set up: conductivity meter

The level of electrical conductivity can indicate the amount of salts (fertilizers) found in water. The use of this meter is necessary to ensure that the reverse osmosis system is functioning properly and reduces the level of salts in the water, as well as for testing the irrigation solution (after adding fertilizer) to ensure that the fertilization levels did not exceed the required threshold.

Price: 120 NIS (H & M conductivity meter) up to NIS 320 (Hanna conductivity meter).

14. PH meter

Set Up: pH Meter

The hydration level of the irrigation solution is not so significant when it comes to soil-based cultivation, but when it comes to hydroponic growth this issue becomes critical: cannabis can absorb the nutrients it needs only when the irrigation solution (as well as the growth medium itself) Between 5.2 and 6.2).

There are several different ways to perform an acidity test: a tester with drops, a litmus paper or a digital meter.

Price: 30 NIS - 249 (H & M Acid Meter).

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