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What is THC - the famous molecule of cannabis

THC is the dominant and best known cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, responsible for most of the known psychoactive effect of the plant. It is considered a powerful analgesic, effective in fighting cancer cells and also helps in the treatment of diseases such as glaucoma, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and more. Everything you wanted to know about THC

Delta-9-tetra-hydrocanabinol (delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol), or more commonly called THC, is one of more than a hundred Cannabinoids (Active ingredients in cannabis) that have been discovered to this day, and are considered the most famous centers.

He gained his name mainly because he is responsible for the familiar "high" feeling of cannabis, but also because it exists in plant bHigh percentages More than any other cannabinoids.

THCA cannabinoid formula on cannabis leaf moment
THC is formed from THC

THC Isolated from the plant for the first time In 1964, by Israeli chemists and professor Rafael Meshulam And Dr. Yehiel Geni Who worked together with a team of researchers from the Hebrew University and the Weizmann Institute.

How THC was created

THC is the product of a process called de-carboxylation, which is formed from the cannabinoid acid THCA found in cannabis flowers, especially in their tricosomes, before being heated by cooking, a vaporettor, or a joint. The THCA itself is considered To a very healthy ingredient for food.

Only after the THCA is warmed to a temperature greater than 155-165 does the THC become released and the known "hi" effect is released. This is also the reason that cannabis harvested from the plant and swallowed will not have a psychoactive effect. When THC is oxidized (exposed to contact with the air), aged or otherwise damaged, it is converted toCBN, Meaning that as the THC disappears and dissipates, the amounts of CBN increase and accordingly its effect.

The fresh plant element THCA becomes THC after heating

Effects: appetite, memory and what is in between

During cannabis consumption, THC binds to receptors in the brain and nervous system called cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are part ofThe endocannabinoid system In the human body - an internal system that affects a wide range of biological and chemical processes in the body and is a determining factor in the health and integrity of body systems, which was discovered by the Israeli researchers to understand how the component affects the body.

The THC binds to two types of receptors, CB1 and CB2, scattered throughout the body: the spine, the immune system, and especially the brain. Its absorption causes the release of dopamine in the brain and causes sensation Euphoria and good mood, Plus it is Affects the way information is processed in the hippocampus, The brain region responsible for creating new memories.

Apart from these two effects, the component is also responsible for the properties of cannabis As an appetite stimulant As well as additional medical properties.

A woman smokes a Cannabis joint and smiles
THC brings a sense of euphoria and inner peace

THC consumption may result in a number Side Effects Ease that range from Feeling drowsy And dizziness, to dry mouth and distortion of time. Some people may suffer from anxiety and a sense of paranoia that may even reachA psychotic episode, But these are cases Extreme and rare.

It is important to remember that all physical and psychological sensations caused by consumption will disappear when the effect expires, ie Within a few hours.

Professor Raphael Meshulam and a Cannabis plant next to it
Professor Raphael Meshulam reveals the THC

Long-term effects Are not yet clear to the world of science Due to the lack of comprehensive studies, but so far there has been no injury or benefit attributed directly to the consumption of THC, not in large quantities and over a long time.

THC for the treatment of cancer patients, Parkinson's and AIDS

As science and research progress in the world of cannabis, the TIC turns into a line Medication Which may provide a cure for people suffering from various diseases and symptoms.

The most interesting of all his medicinal virtues is his ability Fight cancer And even prevent its development in advance. Studies Many animals and humans have shown that THC has the ability to treat a variety of cancers, Stop proliferation and growth of tumors, And cause cancer cells to die without harming healthy cells around them (unlike chemotherapy). It also has attributes of Relief from nausea Which help to improve the quality of life of oncological patients after chemotherapy.

Father gives his sick son Cannabis oil in the syringe
Used as a medicine for a variety of diseases

Outside the oncology community, one of the main uses of this component is for the purpose Pain relief Natural, especially in neuropathic pain and nerve-related pain. In addition, it is effective in treating bAlzheimer's disease, Torte, Parkinson 's, glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, Post Trauma, ADHD, Psoriasis and various skin diseases, as well as complementary treatment for AIDS patients and those suffering from anorexia.

In addition to the various medical conditions mentioned above, the T-HC contains anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in treatingInflammation of the intestines And arthritis.

Israeli Cannabis species rich in THC

Israel has 8 authorized medical cannabis towers and they have a variety of varieties quite diverse. Of the large selection, there are several varieties that, at least according to the companies' own declarations, have particularly high THC percentages:

(It is important to remember that cannabis with high THC does not indicate its quality or suitability to the consumer)

yellow: Enter "yellow gold" of the company "dialog" with 28.0%. Sativa dominant (80% / 20%). Consists of combining old and new varieties AK-47 and Sour Diesel, which are considered to have strong impact properties.

Rome: Enter "Rome" made by IMC with 27.7%. The dominant indica (60% / 40%) is suitable for evening and the company says it is especially effective for pain relief, migraine relief and chronic pain, insomnia and eating disorders.

Eran Almog: Enter "Eran Almog" of Tikun Olam with 26.0%. Dominant indica (80% / 20%).

these: Enter "those" of the company in Pharomoc with 24.0%. Dominant indica (75% / 25%).

redness: Enter "Ruby" of "Aspiration for Life" contains 24.0%. Dominant indica (80% / 20%).

Persian Kush: The "Kush Persian" type of Better Company contains 23.0%. Dominant indica (90% / 10%).

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