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The first cannabis book in Hebrew - free

The first book of growth in Hebrew - read for free. While the network contains dozens of more and more detailed cannabis growth guides, the most famous and comprehensive guide is the Cannabis Growth Book published by Simisu, a professional cannabis tower that collected years ago all the knowledge in Hebrew and concentrated it into a whole growing book.

Growing Guides of Cannabis Magazine, Headed by "The full guide to growing"They are very detailed, and you can find all the information you need for the beginner, the advanced and the most professional. The Official Growth Forum You can find even more extensive information and consult with the best crop experts in Israel.

Cannabis growth book

However, even before Cannabis magazine was opened about 5 years ago, most of the Israeli growers relied on a single cannabis growing book that was published for free on the Internet and was produced by a surfer who was a member of the Slatanim site Who called himself "Simisu".

Simisu's book of growth - the first Hebrew book in the field of cannabis - has since become the Israeli Bible of the cannabis growers in Israel. Therefore, even if you have already read everything published on the subject, you should go over the guide to make sure you have not missed anything.

"I hope that this guide will help as many people as possible and will raise awareness of the need to change the laws and the attitude to this wonderful plant," Simisu explains.

Here is the entire growth book for your reference: